Manager, People Operations – Relevant – New York

The role
In this role, you’ll lead our efforts to ensure that Relevant is a great place to work, Specifically, you’ll maintain and build on the systems and the culture that keep our team happy and engaged with one another and with Relevant’s mission. We’ve already got a great foundation in people ops, so you’ll have a lot to build on.

What you’ll do
HR administration. Manage our existing HR systems, supporting our employees from the day they’re hired to the day they leave Relevant. This includes managing payroll and benefits, parental leave, our 401(k), HR compliance, reviews tracking tools and accounts, and relationships with external vendors such as our PEO and 401(k) administrator.
Coordinate events. Coordinate company events and travel, including health center visits, fun outings, and quarterly staff events or retreats. Handle logistics for 4-5 trade shows each year, which means getting a few of us to our destination with a TV, laptops, swag, and marketing materials intact.
Recruiting. Work with our hiring managers to identify and recruit diverse talent from around the country. We’re growing, but at a very sane clip, so this means supporting us in hiring a small number of very excellent people.
HR strategy and policies. Help refine the systems that make Relevant a great place to work. This might include our cash and equity compensation plans, benefits, reviews process, etc. Manage our existing policies, collaborate with leadership to write new ones, and tie them together into a friendly employee handbook.
Help keep people happy. Check in with teammates. Act as a sounding board. Understand what’s working well and what needs to change through ad-hoc conversations, exit interviews, employee satisfaction surveys, and other techniques you invent. Help us act on what we learn.
Manage our office. Our team is fully remote these days, but we maintain a small office in NYC. You’ll keep our office footprint intact for occasional company gatherings and events. You’ll also check the mail, be responsible for our central phone, and manage our laptop inventory.
Assist with special projects. We’ll ask you to pitch in various things (marketing work? helping team members get great at using some of our tools?). If some of these projects are more compelling to you than others, we’ll try to shape your work accordingly and give you opportunities to develop in specific areas.

What we’re looking for
HR administration and recruiting experience, ideally in a small company. You’ve run payroll, selected benefits, been responsible for on- and off-boarding, and seen a few HR compliance problems in your day. You have fostered a culture focused on providing a positive employee experience.
General smarts and all-around competence!
Emotional intelligence. You build strong relationships with different types of people, and can be present for the occasional difficult conversation. As a company, we think feelings matter a lot. We’re looking for people who understand this, and who are easy to work with.
Excellent communication skills. You can communicate effectively, verbally and in writing, about complicated subjects like our culture, our value proposition to employees and health centers, equity, benefits, and so on. You have a polished, friendly, and professional writing style, and take pride in writing well.
Love for organization and systems. You’d be excited to build and improve all sorts of systems, from keeping track of regulatory deadlines, to tinkering with our onboarding process, to making sure reviews happen on time. You have an eye for the details as well as the big picture of how a new process or system will be rolled out and adopted.
Ability to get stuff done. You’re able to bring clarity and organization to a new project from start to finish, including projects that are ill-defined. You learn a lot on your own, find ways of cutting through obstacles, and consult with others when needed. You’re flexible, willing to pitch in, and comfortable in a group of people who like to move quickly.
Excellent research & tech skills. You’re good at getting to the bottom of things. “Things” might include how to ensure we’re compliant with regulations in a new state, how Google Groups permissions can be tweaked, or why new hires are getting tripped up on a particular onboarding task. Learning new software doesn’t scare you.
A desire to make healthcare better, with a focus on equity and social justice. We’re not the kind of startup chasing hyper-growth. We’re building tools used by safety-net organizations that are fighting health disparities, and we’re looking for candidates who find this focus compelling.

How to Apply
Send an email to with the subject line “Manager, People Operations.” When responding, include a resume in PDF format and a note in the body of your email explaining your interest in the position. Please also include the phrase “nimble newt quiver” somewhere in your note, so that we know you read this.
We’re committed to building a diverse company. Applicants who identify with groups that are under-represented in the technology industry are strongly encouraged to apply.