Educational Programs Director – Urban Adamah – Berkeley

About The Role
The Educational Programs Director is responsible for leading Urban Adamah’s core programs for youth, families, and young adults, as well as for developing and launching new programs to serve those and other communities. This includes overseeing and ensuring the success of:
Summer and winter camps
School field trip programs
Youth, family, and young adult retreats
High school internship program
A primary responsibility in this role is significantly expanding educational programming. In addition, the director also writes for and contributes to relevant grant applications.

The Director supervises a full-time manager and one full time associate with supervision duties increasing to up to a total of 10 full and part-time staff members as programming expands.
Ensure ongoing supervision and professional development, as appropriate, for both full time and seasonal/program staff
Work in collaboration with the leadership team to create new roles within the department and effectively recruit, hire, onboard, and steward new staff
The Educational Programs Director will steward and drive forward the innovation and excellence of existing programs, including:
Camp Urban Adamah: Camp offers campers a taste of organic farm life through fun and dynamic hands-on programs at Urban Adamah, with a focus on cultivating appreciation for Jewish values and traditions. Camp sessions are designed around children’s natural curiosity and innate connection to the earth. The Education Director will supervise and support the Camp Manager’s work of recruiting staff and campers, hiring and training staff, envisioning and executing camp schedule and content, logistics, evaluation, and innovation.
School Field Trips: Urban Adamah welcomes up to 30 schools each semester to the farm from across the Bay Area. The Educational Programs Director will supervise and support the Youth and Families Associate in their work developing and deepening relationships with schools, furthering content creation, staffing, content, and program administration.
Family Programs: Urban Adamah offers a variety of programs designed specifically for families. Our programs give families the opportunity to experience the farm through hands-on activities that connect us to the food we eat, Jewish values, our bodies, and the cycles of nature. The Educational Programs Director will shepherd existing programs and develop new programming including Jewish celebration and learning opportunities, multi-generational gatherings, retreat programming, etc.

The Educational Programs Director will become deeply knowledgeable about our current offerings for young adults. The Young Adult Programs Director currently manages all programs serving community members 18 – 36 years old. Together, the Educational Programs Director and the Young Adult Programs Director will ensure that the programming arc from 0-36 years old is coherent, consistent, and deep.

The Educational Programs Director will ideate, develop, and build out new programming within the department. Once such programming is successfully developed and launched, additional full-time or part-time staff will be hired to steward the programs beyond their first year.
After School Program: Urban Adamah’s after-school program is intended to provide young children with year-round engagement, education, joy, and fun. The Educational Programs Director will:
Design and develop program content
Recruit, hire, train, and manage program staff in Jewish, play-based, outdoor education
Work with the Marketing & Communications Manager to market to the Urban Adamah community
Additional Programs: The Educational Programs Director will work with the Senior Director of Programs and Innovation to identify, explore, develop, and launch new programs/initiatives and including, though not limited to:
Shabbat, Havdalah, and Jewish holiday programs for families
Shabbat family havurot offering/providing shared, cohort based (~8 households), lived Jewish experience, celebration, learning, etc.
Weekend experiential learning opportunities/programs for youth and adults
Youth, high school, family, and young adult retreats
Youth, teen, and family drop-in programs
Young adult drop-in programs
Fellowship Alumni Engagement

Provide guidance and support to the Marketing & Communications Manager with all educational program marketing
Help ensure all programs are well known and are attractive to a growing number of potential participants

Develop and manage annual education department’s work planning
Contribute grant proposal and reporting content as requested
Ensure educational programming works in harmony with other programs and departments
Oversee user-friendly and easeful program registration processes
Oversee education program contracts
Ensure collaboration with the farm team to maintain the Children’s Garden, and the farm overall as an educational resource

About You
You are passionate about Urban Adamah’s mission and have the background and experience to support your team’s work with administrative excellence. You are able to see the big picture of how administrative support responsibilities fit within the larger vision of an organization. You possess a love of getting down the details, creating new organizational systems, and coming up with self-guided solutions to problems.
We are open to applicants with varying levels and types of experience, provided that the applicant displays the skills required to successfully execute the job described above. You might be a good fit if you possess/demonstrate the following.

Administrative & Organizational Excellence
Self-starter: You thrive in environments where you get to hold the operationalization of your assigned workload
Excellence in organization: You are highly organized, able to track and execute on multiple projects and tasks simultaneously, and are detail oriented
Prioritizing: You are comfortable maintaining multiple channels of communication (text, email, phone, Slack) and independently managing your workflow to keep projects on track
Tech-savvy: you are very comfortable with Google Suite, Microsoft Office Suite, Slack, Asana, and database systems like Salesforce (additional tech savvy is a bonus)
Self-Awareness & Partnership
Ownership: You take broad responsibility for your work and approach tasks and priorities with a critical mindset
Openness: You regularly seek, incorporate, and share new information and feedback
Balanced: You demonstrate a good balance of self-confidence and humility, able to name and make the most of your strengths, and open to feedback that will lead you to grow and develop as a professional
Commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion: you value the diversity of insight, perspective, and experience brought by people from diverse backgrounds. You are committed to reflecting on and addressing inequities stemming from privilege and oppression in your community
Networking: Successfully network among peers and collaborators working in local and national Jewish organization
Communication, Collaboration & Customer Service
Possess strong interpersonal skills: You communicate and collaborate well with a range of colleagues and other stakeholders
Collaborative: You enjoy learning from and with talented colleagues, and are excited to be part of the success of the whole organization
Customer service oriented: You appreciate the powerful impact of providing prompt responses to support inquiries, meeting people’s needs proactively, and treating staff and other community members with respect and care
Strategy & Problem Solving
Adept at planning: You think ahead and can plan for projects or tasks several months in advance
Problem solver: You enjoy problem solving, seeing it as an opportunity to connect with and support others and the organization
Analytical: You are a critical thinker with a high level of analytical/interpretive thinking and problem-solving skills.
Jewish Literacy: Strong Jewish literacy and Jewish knowledge that sets you up to lead a team and coach supervisees in Jewish content and curriculum

Relevant experience in either for or not-for-profit environments
Demonstrated ability to create and manage well-functioning organizational systems
Have successfully supervised a team of 5+ people
Effectively conducted interviews for a wide variety of positions
History of a strong investment in your own personal and/or professional Jewish learning and education
Leading a Jewish after-school program, educational initiative, camp, or youth organization
Administration experience in a traditional or non-traditional educational setting
Curriculum assessment and adoption

Additional Details
This is a full-time, benefited, and exempt position that includes healthcare, holidays, and paid time off. The salary range for this position is $84,000 to $95,000 per year.

This is a full-time, 40 hour per week position. General hours of employment are Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. This role may require flexing those hours later in the day or work during the weekend.

100% health care coverage for self and 50% coverage of dependents in a Silver Tier Kaiser plan or its equivalent in our carrier’s options
80% coverage of dental insurance for self
Paid vacation days beginning at 15 days; 20 days in second year; incremental increase to 25 days
5 paid sick days per year
Up to 20 paid holidays (a mix of both national and Jewish holidays)
Tax-free retirement account after 2 years
A pre-tax FSA for medical, dependent care, and transit
Paid and unpaid parental, medical, and bereavement leave (following 1 year of employment)
Paid Jury Duty leave
Unpaid time off

How to Apply
We deeply value the diversity of insight, perspective, and experience brought by people from diverse backgrounds. This includes Black, Indigenous, Latino, and Asian people, LGBTQ, and gender non-conforming people, and people with disabilities, Black Jews, Jews of Color, Sephardi and Mizrachi Jews. We also welcome applications from people of diverse religious, spiritual, and cultural backgrounds. We affirmatively seek to advance the principles of equal employment opportunity.

Cover letter, resume, three professional references with how you know them, and responses to the following short questions. Bullet pointed lists are welcome as responses to the short questions, if preferred by the applicant. (maximum 200 words for each).
Please share how you personally relate to Urban Adamah’s mission.
Please highlight a few experiences you have had as a manager: starting new programs, supervising individuals and teams, and overseeing curriculum design and implementation.
How has your personal background and lived experience prepared you to contribute to Urban Adamah’s commitment to cultural responsiveness, and diversity, equity, and inclusion?
Applications will be received and reviewed until March 10th. After this time, we may continue to review applications on a rolling basis, however, encourage candidates to apply before the deadline and/or as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the application or the position, please contact Allegra at