Junior PHP Developer – Starfall Education Foundation – Boulder, CO

Starfall Education Foundation is seeking a highly talented PHP Web Developer to join our office in downtown Boulder. You would be hired on a contract basis with opportunities for future full employment. You will be part of a development team creating server-side applications in PHP for interacting with our data stores. A solid understanding of frontend technologies is also necessary for integrating your backend applications with frontend elements created by other developers. Our ideal candidate will enjoy unraveling data flows and devising creative new ways of interfacing with our data.

Starfall Education Foundation is a publicly supported charity, 501(c)(3). We are dedicated to creating free and low cost experiences that enable children to have fun while learning in an environment of collaboration, wonderment, and play. As a charity, we aren’t beholden to the usual business pressures of quick profits or frequent changes of direction. For developers, this means an environment where building good software over the long term is valued over fast and cheap patchwork solutions. Many of our staff were originally hired on a contract basis and leveraged their talents to create a position for themselves in our organization. If you would like to work and play as part of a group of creative and caring people, we would love to hear from you.

Skills and Qualifications:

High proficiency in modern PHP, with an understanding of programming concepts and principles
Familiarity with front facing web technologies (HTTP, REST, SOAP, AJAX)
Security conscious development with knowledge of common attack vectors (session hijacking, db injection)
Experience with unit testing (PHPUnit) and version control
A solid understanding of mySQL, with experience in schema design
Experience with Laravel framework a plus!

Job Responsibilities

Write clean, testable, and well documented PHP code and follow it through its life cycle (writing, testing and review, QA, and deployment)
Be involved in project planning at an early stage and assist in writing software requirements.
Refactor or review legacy PHP code.
Assist in modernizing data storage by designing database schemas for existing data held as flat files.
A background check will be required.

How to apply

Please e-mail your resume and cover letter to gboubel@starfall.com. If you have a github account or other open source code samples to review, please include a url.