President – Young Professionals in Foreign Policy – Washington, DC

Young Professionals in Foreign Policy (YPFP) is recruiting its next President. YPFP fosters the next generation of foreign policy leaders by providing young professionals the knowledge, skills, exposure, and relationships to tackle critical global challenges over the course of their careers. Founded in 2004, YPFP has grown from a small startup to a global nonprofit 501(c)(3) registered and headquartered in Washington, DC with a membership base of more than 10,000 young people, branches in New York, London, and Brussels, and an expanding global presence.

I) Key Roles of the President

● Lead the Future. YPFP seeks a leader with an unyielding commitment to foreign policy leadership and millennials who is able to lead the organization towards further growth and success by leveraging the YPFP’s timely mission and 10-year track record, increasing its global membership base, and by working closely with its committed staff and active board.

● Fund for Growth. Raises the funds to leapfrog YPFP to a power-house foreign policy platform for millennials. Charts path to fund and achieve YPFP’s mission and vision for the next generation of foreign policy leaders, and manages and implements strategies to increase revenue through grants, corporate partnerships, individual donors, and membership cultivation.

● Raise the Platform and Profile. Serves as the primary public face of YPFP, representing the organization to the foreign policy and international affairs community. Presents at conferences, cultivates donors and partners, participates in a wide range of meetings and events that advance YPFP’s strategic goals, and expands YPFP’s global presence.

● Cultivate an Unmatched Team. The President will hire and work with a small team of paid staff, as well as 50 committed volunteer staff who are part of the “leadership laboratory.” Staff members are passionate about their work and benefit from the tightknit community they create. They also care about each other. While each person has a particular role, the staff works together to support the organization as a whole.

● Steward a Community. Manages and inspires the YPFP staff to achieve the mission. Grows and strengthens YPFP’s unmatched community of internationally-minded millennials, foreign policy leaders, and enthusiastic mission supporters.

II) Skills and Attributes

Entrepreneur: self-starter. motivated to produce outcomes. boundary pusher. bootstrapper. unlocks funding.

More than a Manager: manages projects. measures performance. accountability driver. identifies and cultivates talent. leads by example, with indisputable dedication. sound judgment.

Inspiring Leader: charts a vision. displays constant commitment to the organization. confident. humble. excites a crowd. Gifted Communicator: communicates up, down, sideways, inside, and outside effortlessly. motivates donors.

Relentless Learner: universal listener. relishes feedback.

Globally Aware:active interest in foreign policy. sees organization’s borderless potential. committed to the world’s next generation.

III) Core Requirements

● Based in Washington, DC

● Available to conduct regular meetings in the evening and on weekends

● Impeccable professional reputation, well-regarded among colleagues across the international affairs community

● Commitment to modeling and upholding YPFP’s values.

IV) Compensation

YPFP will offer salary commensurate with experience, bonus opportunities based on performance, and health benefits.

V) To Apply

Email with your resume and a statement of interest that describes why you want to be the President of YPFP (750 words or less).

Applications should be submitted by March 6. Please email with questions.