Partnership Director: Bay Area STEM Initiative – Equal Opportunity Schools

The Bay Area STEM Partnership Director may answer questions, offer advice and guidance, train clients on the use of our tools, tactfully facilitate discussions that can be uncomfortable, and lead partners down a sometimes indirect path through implementation of the EOS Action for Equity model with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics participation.
As a Partnership Director, a typical day might include the following:
Talking to a School Site or District Administrative team through key findings from reports that our Program team produces for us
Using your commitment to educational equity, our communications materials, and school contextual data to train school counselors on student recruitment
Crafting and sending an Associate Superintendent a progress report for a school board meeting
Brainstorming with fellow Partnership Directors to create an agenda for a challenging school visit

In general, this role will:
Be a primary contact on managing delivery of Action for Equity model to client/partner school districts
Support and coach clients on identifying and adding more students of color and low income students to their AP/IB program through use of our tools, thought partnership and model coupled with your ability to speak from experience and personal expertise in the work
Teach clients about racial equity and importance of expanding access to students of color and low-income students who are fully capable of success through use of both our tools, but also your extensive experience helping others to understand the case for racial equity in education
Project manage completion of key Action for Equity milestones throughout the various phases of our model
Occasionally conduct professional development opportunities for stakeholders (school boards, teachers, parents, counselors, etc.)
In step with EOS’s mission, retain focus on expanding understanding of systemic and individual racial equity obstacles and successes regarding access to high rigor classes in high schools across the country
Collaboratively work to support and enhance the intersections between the Partnership Department and other departments at EOS
Lead administrative coordination for all area convenings, including digital and printed materials; logistics; and all participation and follow-up
Assist the Managing Director in growing the Bay Area Initiative.
May include supporting in-person or remotely in strategy meetings; implementation of programs; relationship-building with initiative partners; and completing administrative tasks to structure and support implementation
Lead relationship-building among Bay-Area stakeholders to inform, recruit, and participate in the initiative – may include creating, maintaining, and leveraging relationships with area Superintendents, political leaders, and other area stakeholders

Master’s or advanced degree in education or related subject; we will consider strong lived and work experience in the communities we seek to serve in lieu of an advanced degree
Once permitted by public health and safety conditions, this job requires up to 50% travel, including regular regional travel in the Bay Area with occasional trips to Seattle
Strong familiarity with a high school education environment
Understanding of and ability to connect to high school administrators with credibility
Ability to understand and explain data in a variety of different ways
Recognize the difference between equity and equality
Skilled at communicating in difficult situations
Flexible in routine and can be agile in decision making
Project confidence with clients
Microsoft Office – proficient level

This job might be for you if:
You enjoy solving problems. You recognize that changing minds about who deserves access to advanced high school classes can be difficult and challenging. You will use your judgement and collaboration skills to fit our solutions to the same problem that shows up in very different contexts and situations across the set of schools and districts you will serve.
You like helping people. While you could just do the work for your clients, you are particularly excited when you can help them “get it” so that they use their own capacity to do the work.
You think on your feet. You are intuitive about your clients’ needs and can exercise good judgement to ensure your clients’ needs are understood and are met quickly and accurately.
You communicate clearly. You express yourself well in writing and verbally and can convince a wide variety of audiences – some who will agree with your point and others who will not – to do this important work.
You are motivated and driven. You fully embrace your ownership stake in making us better at what we do and recognize the incredible learning opportunity that this role provides.

How to Apply