Now Hiring Part-Time Support Staff – Oakland Unified School District – Recruitment – Oakland, CA

Come Join Oakland’s Substitute Team!
Hundreds of classified substitute employees report for work at Oakland Unified every day, showing up in many roles across the district, and play a critical role in keeping each child’s education on track.
Enjoy the perks of a flexible schedule, competitive pay, and serving the Oakland community!
Being a substitute is a great way to learn more about the district and network with hiring managers. Many substitutes are promoted into permanent positions.

Position (Minimum Requirements)
Academic Mentor (HS Diploma + 48 Semester Units)
Noon Supervisor (HS Diploma)
Custodian (Pass Assessment Test)
Food Service (Pass Assessment Test)
Clerical (HS Diploma)
Para Educator (HS Diploma + 48 Semester Units OR HS Diploma + Paraprofessional Test)
Instructional Assistant CDC (HS Diploma + 6 or more units in ECE Courses)
Instructional Support Specialist (Bachelor’s Degree)
School Security Officer (HS Diploma)

How To Apply