Manager of Outreach and Program Development – Restore Forward – Boonville

Major Responsibilities:
Organize Restore Forward workshops across seven (7) philosophies set forth by the organization.
Organize Restore Forward retreats across seven philosophies set forth by the organization;
Lead and when required, collaborate with Institute staff on developing the curricula for the year, ensuring multiple workshops are planned and designed, scheduled and marketed, staffed and resourced, completed and evaluated, and recordings posted and distributed.
Participate in team efforts to utilize technology and software in service of the institute, including project management tools.
Work with the leadership team to build an outreach plan for acquiring and sustaining external relationships and programs, partners and clients.
Build and implement a strong non-profit outreach program and develop the Institute’s capacity to become a resource and technical assistance hub for non-profits in particular.
Build upon already existing strategic alliances and partnerships ensuring alignment with the work and intent of Restore Forward.
Work with the Founder/CEO to ensure she conducts phone conferences, site visits and provides one-on-one or group consultations to ensure clients and partners are satisfied with our services and that clients meet their program and contract goals.
Outreach/Building Customer Base
Collaboratively develop and implement a comprehensive strategic plan to grow and deepen the organization’s relationship with new prospective clients.
Conduct web, social media, and/or phone research to identify special interest groups or individuals that may be interested in Restore Forward services or offerings.
Make recommendations given the background information obtained on the prospective client through discovery.
Follow up on referrals/leads from current and existing clients
Contact clients to monitor satisfaction, make aware of upcoming promotions, and develop business opportunities (e.g., reloads, referrals).
Develop and maintain records on customer contacts and use that information to support effective follow-up opportunities.
Monitor contract processing to minimize rescission decisions, provide comprehensive owner assurance and ensure timeliness of closings.
Attend designated conferences, community events, trade shows, etc.
Sales Presentation and Client Acquisition
Research and complete Request for Proposals (RFPs)
Establish trust with the prospective clients throughout the entire client acquisition process to build on-going rapport.
Discover the needs of prospective clients through a series of strategically layered questions/discussion and utilize the information to customize the sales presentation.
Document client engagements and follow-up plans
Provide prospective clients Sales Gallery and learning lab tours
Explain the features, advantages and benefits of RF products and
Ensure client retention via renewals and membership opportunities, by advocating for the appropriate programs and membership package to accommodate the clients current and future needs.
Complete and close the sales contract process by ensuring all required/legal paperwork and documents are signed.
Practice and continue to develop and improve sales script and presentation.
Follow up face-to-face guest interaction with email, phone, or mail correspondence.
Answer client and customer questions regarding product information
Use, demonstrate, and/or coordinate virtual tour (eTour) software for guests.

Manage time effectively to punctually attend daily team meetings, training sessions, and client appointments.
Demonstrate total understanding of the culture and processes of the organization.
Improve sales presentation approach through self-critique, practice, and lessons from the feedback provided by others (e.g., Directors, Coaches, Partners, and Members).
Participate in formal training sessions offered by the management team.
Attend daily huddles and regularly scheduled team/manager meetings.
Maintain an awareness of current events (e.g., news, pop culture, movement) and information to enable and promote customer relationship building.
Perform other duties as assigned.
Understand and abide by state and federal regulations around all sales and/or marketing activity.

Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Business or a related field from an accredited university (may be substituted for extensive experience)
Must have at least 3 years of individual membership or program enrollment experience, business-to-business sales, marketing, and/or advertising experience
Must demonstrate a baseline understanding and demonstration of cultural humility and respect
Demonstrate a track record of success in closing sales

Must be able to make sound decisions and work independently
Must possess strong interpersonal skills using tact, patience, and courtesy
Must present professionally** and demonstrate the ability to take a consultative approach to engaging c-suite executives
Must have the ability to compel, move and inspire potential clients to choose Restore Forward
Strong listening skills to discern business issues driving the “Ask”, and frame pertinent questions to shape and conceptualize likely solutions.
Must be able to navigate a large organization and have the power of persuasion through content and confidence.
Demonstrated ability to work across internal organizational functions to cast, pitch and sell our programs and offerings, with relevant subject matter expertise and practice leads.
Strong attention to detail, exceptional communication skills, analytical and problem-solving skills. Highly organized with the ability to effectively manage priorities
Must be motivated and able to work with minimal supervision
Proficiency in Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, and internet-based software programs

To apply, email the following to Please use the subject line: {Your First Name, Your Last Name} Manager of Outreach and Program Development Application