Field Organizer – Garment Worker Center – Los Angeles, CA

Position description:
GWC seeks a dynamic, motivated individual to join our garment worker organizing efforts. The primary focus of this position will be organizing garment workers to effectively engage in campaigns in order to improve wages, working conditions, and corporate accountability across the industry. This organizer will recruit, develop, and sustain a strong base of engaged garment workers who can drive campaigns by working to develop their skills, political consciousness and increase their involvement in campaign efforts. This individual’s secondary focus will be mobilization. We are looking for an energetic individual with the ability to work both independently and in teams to deliver high quality work in a fast-paced environment. This is an ideal position for an individual with previous organizing experience, who is interested in being part of innovative campaigns in the anti-sweatshop movement.

Build relationships with faith, labor, immigrant, community, fashion, and educational institutions and individuals to connect their membership/base to GWC
Schedule, plan and hold workshops twice a month throughout Los Angeles County
Conduct biweekly strategic street outreach efforts with members and staff
Membership Development
Conduct house visits and one to one meetings to identify and recruit prospective members
Support development of popular education curriculum
Lead political education and leadership development trainings with garment workers
Recruit and retain garment worker members to participate in GWC events and actions
Develop informed, confident worker-leaders who themselves can recruit, mobilize, and organize workers and community for our campaign work
Engage members and member-leaders in the development of campaign strategies

Mobilize members, individual allies, and organizations for campaign events and actions
Ensure participation of members and prospective members at general membership meetings and campaign activities through one to one meetings and phone banking
Lead an annual survey effort to create a report on the conditions within garment factories
Update tracking system of member engagement in organizational activities, trainings, and ongoing leadership development
Support campaign research needs
Media & Communications
Prepare members to tell their stories and experiences at hearings, rallies, press events, and other grassroots events
Publish a monthly GWC newsletter with membership and campaign updates

Qualifications and Skills:
Track record of effective base-building
Previous labor or community organizing experience. (2-3 years)
Demonstrated success implementing campaign-based work. (2-3 years)
Demonstrated success with leadership development in a social justice setting. (2-3 years)
Strong commitment to social, racial, gender, and economic justice and their intersections
A desire to grow democratic base-building organizations and build worker power
Motivating, Dynamic, Positive, and Inspirational
A hunger to learn and experiment in a campaign setting
Self-motivated but also works well in collective settings
Able to prioritize and set goals
Organized and detail-oriented, while able to multitask
Experience with door-knocking and phone-banking
Able to work flexible hours, including early mornings, evenings and weekends.
Must be proficient with LA’s public transportation system, or able to drive their own car or GWC’s van.
Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel; Google Calendar, Google Drive

How To Apply