Executive Director – Joya Scholars – Fullerton, CA


Founded in 2009, JOYA Scholars is a non-profit organization with the mission to inspire and prepare students from low-income neighborhoods in Fullerton toward higher education. We are looking for a passionate and knowledgeable person to lead the organization into the future through capacity building, resource development, and program expansion.


Reporting to the board of directors, the executive director will have overall strategic and operational responsibility for the organization’s staff, programs, funding, execution, and expansion of its mission. The executive director will initially develop deep knowledge of the organization’s core values and philosophy, the local and collegiate educational systems, core programs, operations, and strategic initiatives and partnerships.


Staff Supervision and Development:

Lead, train, coach, and empower an effective staff team
Create and maintain a collaborative and positive work environment of support, mutuality, encouragement, and creativity
Ensure ongoing programmatic excellence, evaluation, and communication from staff members
Recommend timelines and resources for staff to achieve strategic goals

Fund Development:

Expand revenue generating and fundraising activities to support existing operations and program expansion
Develop an active and productive grantwriting process grounded in careful financial management, metrics and objectives, tracking, and quality reporting of progress
Actively engage and energize volunteers, partnering organizations, and funders toward organizational and financial goals
Deepen and refine all aspects of communications—from web and social media presence to external relations with the goal of creating trusted partnerships and relationships that garner further support and new opportunities

Community Outreach:

Be a local and regional presence that communicates program results with an emphasis of the successes of its students
Actively connect and build bridges of cooperation among teachers, board members, and administrators of local schools, colleges, and universities
Engage and promote awareness among local civic leaders and partnering organizations, funders, and volunteers
Promote and deepen presence, friendship, and trust among the neighborhoods where programs exist—most importantly among parents and families of students—inviting increasing levels of mutuality, input, and participation

Vision and Strategic Planning:

Vision and prioritize staff, volunteers, and activities around strategic initiatives, objectives, and goals

Build an environment that empowers everyone to improve programs in order to yield the best results for students and the organization

Seek, develop, and support a strong board of directors and advisory team involved with providing strategic input for both ongoing operations as well as capacity building and organizational expansion
Imagine, design, and create new initiatives, programs and partnerships based on new opportunities that will help organization fulfill its mission


Masters Degree preferred with educational or community development emphasis or Bachelors Degree with demonstrated community development or non-profit program experience
Ensure continuation of organization’s culture, values, and philosophy of cultural engagement
Commitment to quality programs and metric-based program evaluation
Ability to supervise and coach staff, manage and develop teams, lead productive meetings, and set and achieve strategic objectives
Capacity to work collaboratively with other organizations
Create and manage a budget
Strong public relations and fundraising experience with ability to engage a wide variety of stakeholders and donors
Grantwriting, tracking, and reporting
Excellent written and verbal skills and ability to make compelling presentations
Must be able to plan large events
Able to work easily with students and parents
Familiarity with U.S. educational system
Spanish speaker a plus

How to apply

Applicants can send their cover letter and resume to Vanessa Stricker at applicants@joyascholars.org.