Events Programs Manager – Spirit Rock Meditation Center – Woodacre, CA


Responsible for oversight of logistical planning, implementing and managing all (100+) Spirit Rock non-residential events and online programs; either directly or via supervision of Events staff. Oversees Spirit Rock’s front office including staffing and policy management. Works in partnership with Spirit Rock’s Bookstore Manager to ensure its smooth operations.

Specific Responsibilities:


Ensure proper planning and execution of all Spirit Rock non-residential programs (weekend day-longs, weekly classes, benefits, special events and on-line classes) in the Community Meditation Hall (CMH) and on occasion Upper Retreat Hall.

Develop and implement consistent program planning guidelines, processes and procedures for pre/during/post event logistics.

Work as primary event contact when needed due to short-staffing (illness), event volume or when the level of program (i.e. benefits) merit more senior management.

Ensure event registration process is efficient and accurate pre/during/post program. Create documentation for all registration procedures and act as back-up for registrar, if required, due to staffing illness/emergency.

Ensure coordination of online classes (i.e. Essential Buddhist Teachings series and Introduction to Insight Meditation). This includes: updating event descriptions, assigning dharma buddies, coordinating practice guides, managing weekly video check-ins and other ongoing communications.

Work with Facilities Manager, to ensure and maintain appropriate equipment needed for sound/recording needs. Work with outside sound technicians as needed for events. Delegate to Events Coordinator as possible. Back up for retreats.

Oversee Events Assistant in relation to all Continuing Education (CE) credit offerings for relevant SR events.

Ensure proper planning of monthly Monday-night dinner including partnering with Retreat Operations on date/teacher selection and dining hall coordination.


Supervise, train and manage all Event staff.

Schedule staff members for on-site support of programs.

Manage the annual performance Review process consisting of initial goal-setting and year-end evaluations with written documentation in support of Review.

Assess employee utilization and workload to determine appropriate staffing levels. If appropriate, develop business case to add/subtract/supplement headcount.


Note: The majority of the programs and teachers scheduled at Spirit Rock are managed by the Program Weaver. However, there are a handful of events that the Event Program Manager is responsible for from a programs perspective which includes the booking of teachers and other speakers. These programs are as follows:

Schedule Monday night class teachers and communicate schedule to relevant stakeholders including Event staff, Volunteer Coordinator, Communications and Kitchen.

Ensure ongoing week-day classes have appropriate teacher and volunteer support.

Schedule teachers and dates for four-six diversity related events per year, including up to four POC, one Allies and two LGBTQ events per year plus a Benefit.

Work with Volunteer Coordinator to develop Community building programs, including Monday Night Community, volunteer practice guides, and others as directed.


Partner with program weaver to develop and implement clear guidelines that ensure effective hand-off between initial speaker booking and event management process.

Partner with Communications department to ensure effective use and to make recommendations for program collateral and marketing materials. Proof communications: newsletter/calendar, website, confirmation letters and postcards, and alert staff regarding discrepancies, facilitate changes in our database and/or website as needed.

Partner with Development to execute all benefit events and support Spirit Rock’s ongoing giving campaigns such as the Fund for Spirit Rock and the Capital Campaign. Ensure scholarship opportunities are promoted and accessible as appropriate.

Partner with Volunteer Coordinator to ensure the appropriate level of on-site volunteer support is available for every program. This includes pre-planning and post-event reporting.

Partner with Caretakers, Housekeepers and external vendors to ensure the upkeep and overall care of the CMH and Front Office as it relates to Events.

Member of Spirit Rock Management Team and Social Media Group.


Ensure effective feedback opportunities for program teachers related to the organization and logistics of the event.

Work with Program Weaver in developing and maintaining guest teacher letters of agreement.

Ensure letters of agreement are in place for visiting and benefit teachers where appropriate.

Ensure appropriate communication related to attendance numbers, handouts, audiovisual and other logistical needs is offered to the teachers before, during and after the event.

Ensure proper payment of teacher fees/dana and reimbursement of teacher travel expenses.

Coordination of future (2107) SR/IMS Teacher Training Program, as directed by teaching team.

Includes coordinating communications to and from teachers and trainees, Reserving training space, organizing training materials, maintaining trainee Records and budget tracking.


Ensure the efficient operations of the front office which includes Spirit Rock’s main reception area and phone system plus all shipping/receiving.

Communicate with public regarding events-related and other questions.

Ensure effective feedback opportunities participants and volunteers to ensure program quality and improvements.

Assess and manage situations with mentally unstable visitors. Provide staff training for identifying and managing such situations.


Ensure all programs booked directly (see message under Program Development in this job description) are entered into our Raiser’s Edge (RE) database.

Ensure all Live Stream/Online events are entered into Raiser’s Edge.

Initiate review of weekly proofing reports and work with relevant staff to make needed changes.

Develop systems for interface of Blackbaud/RE events entry, corrections, and confirmation letters.


In cooperation with DPCD and Spirit Rock’s budgeting timelines, prepare data for and work with Program Weaver in creating annual non-residential events budget.

Oversee processing and tracking of event income according to established SR financial procedures.

Maintain cumulative yearly statistics and data on non-residential events and regular updates to budget to actuals report, including a monthly and ad hoc reports to appropriate stakeholders.


Three + years of experience in event and/or hospitality management. Supervisory experience including annual review and goal setting. Experience in process development, documentation, implementation and follow-through as related to project or event management. Experience with Raiser’s Edge or equivalent software a plus. Knowledge of Theravada and other teachings as appropriate for Spirit Rock. Ongoing Dharma practice a plus. Flexible schedule — willing to work nights and weekends when required.


Spirit Rock Meditation Center is a spiritual practice center devoted to the teaching of Insight Meditation in the Buddhist tradition. We strive to create a work environment that reflects the Buddha’s teachings with a special emphasis on seeing our work as an essential aspect of our spiritual practice. As such, we seek employees who have a sincere interest in and commitment to the exploration of bringing the practice of mindfulness to bear on all activities of daily life.

The following qualities and abilities are expected of all employees at Spirit Rock: Ability to work well with people of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The ability to work collaboratively. Flexibility and the ability to compromise. Honesty and integrity. Active listening skills. The ability and willingness to express appreciation to others. Openness to constructive feedback. Strong interpersonal skills. The ability to lead, follow, take initiative, or take direction and the judgment to know when each is appropriate. The ability to delegate both Responsibility and authority appropriately. Reliability. Efficient time management skills including the ability to prioritize effectively. The ability to differentiate between one’s role in achieving Spirit Rock’s goals as defined by one’s specific job description vs. one’s own personal objectives and spiritual growth. Physical: Occasionally required to lift, carry, push or pull objects up to 30 pounds. Frequently required to perform moderately difficult manipulative tasks such as typing, writing, etc. Excellent typing and computer skills are required (word processing and data entry). Must be able to sit, walk or stand for extended periods. Sensory: Frequently Required to Read and write documents, financial Reports and plans. Must be able to distinguish normal sounds with some background noise, as in answering the phone, interacting with Residents and staff, etc. Must be able to speak clearly and understand and be understood using the English language. Cognitive: Frequently required to concentrate in considerable detail with occasional interruption. Must be able to attend to a task/function through to completion. Frequently required to understand and relate to specific ideas, several at a time. Must be able to remember multiple tasks and assignments given to self and others over a period of days and months. Must be able to shift priority and move from one task to another with ease, including the ability to multi-task. Equipment: Ability to drive a car. Occasionally required to drive to work functions at other locations or make pick-ups and deliveries. Must maintain a valid driver’s license. Frequently required to use equipment such as copiers, telephone, and fax machines.

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