Organizer – SEIU Local 221 – San Diego, CA

Job Description


Service Employees International Union, Local 221 (SEIU Local 221) is a progressive union representing over 13,000 San Diego and Imperial County area employees, including County, cities, schools, Red Cross, and Head Start workers. With an active member organizing committee, we plan to organize thousands more workers to continue to be the leading political and community voice for working families in San Diego. This voice comes directly from our members. We believe that the values and issues of working men and women are integral to any form of social change.

Under direction of the Staff Director or his/her designee Worksite Organizers provide services including the identification and development of rank & file leaders, negotiate bargaining unit, section, division or departmental agreements, perform field visits, engage in assigned political, lobbying and organizing activity, provide education and training to leaders and members, limited grievances and appeals, and related work as required in an assigned geographical and/or occupational area.

Typical Tasks

All duties listed are required, but may or may not be continuously performed or on-going at any specific time. This list is not necessarily all-inclusive:

Have a full understanding of and commitment to the Union’s vision and take an active role in the implementation of that vision;
Recruit, identify, develop and train member activists to become leaders in their worksite and in the union;
Develop membership and worksite organizing committees, through one-on-one meetings, site meetings and issue organizing campaigns;
Develop internal organizing targets, analyze employer and worker needs, and recommend organizing ideas;
Write and distribute leaflets/bulletins/notices and other materials among workers and leaders and assist leaders in maintaining a bulletin board network;
Recruit political activists and volunteers, coordinate precinct activity and participate in the Union’s lobbying and political efforts;
Assist the Grievance Center Director with grievances, disciplinary appeals and/or Unfair Labor Practices up to and including final level of Civil Service Commission, Personnel Board, arbitration, PERB or NLRB, including investigation, preparation of witnesses and exhibits, and general development of case;
Confer informally with workers and management relative to work rules, regulations and conditions, employee relations policies and programs, contract provisions and related matters;
Interpret collective bargaining agreements, ordinances and laws to members, leaders and other workers;
Analyze employee relations problems and recommend solutions to workers, leaders and Union and management officials;
Conduct surveys, investigations and related activities to aid in development of organizing campaigns, union policies, bargaining positions;
Develop and maintain leader system or chapter committees, or internal organizing committee, including training, guidance, oversight and accountability of and support of leaders in performance of their duties;
Recruit leaders and members to participate in the Local’s COPE campaigns;
Evaluate need, initiate request and recommendation to appropriate supervisor for initiation of third party neutral proceedings;
Act as chief negotiator or as advisor to chief negotiator in collective bargaining for assigned representation units and/or jurisdictions.

Skills and Qualifications

High level ability to communicate orally and in writing;
Ability to plan and coordinate campaign and contract activities;
Analytical skills directed towards investigations, planning, preparation and processing of quasi-judicial hearings and/or preparation and negotiations of contract agreement documents;
Ability to establish and maintain rapport with widely varied ethnic, occupational and social groups;
Ability to work within timelines under pressure and minimal supervision;
Ability to deal with obstacles to the work by attempting to solve problems and learn from each experience;

Dedication to improving the lives of workers and a willingness to participate in a wide field of activities toward that objective.


SEIU Local 221 offers a competitive salary based on staff union contract provisions. Benefits include a car allowance, health care, dental, prescription, vision, and retirement plans, and vacation/time off policy.
How to apply

Submission Instructions:

Submit cover letter and resume to Christa Fink via email, mail or fax to:

Christa Fink
4004 Kearny Mesa Rd
San Diego, CA 92111
Fax: (858) 560-1299