Senior Lead Software Engineer – San Francisco – UniversalGiving

UniversalGiving® is an award-winning website allowing people to donate and volunteer with top performing vetted projects all over the world. People can volunteer at a community clinic in Uganda or give $25 to help a rural school in Nepal. Unique to UniversalGiving, 100% goes directly to the cause. UniversalGiving Corporate provides Strategy, Operations, and NGO Vetting to scale companies’ CSR programs in more than 120 countries; our Corporate Services allow us to become self-sustaining. UniversalGiving has been featured on the homepage ofBloomberg,,CBS, The Wall Street Journal, and TheNew York Times.

UniversalGiving just celebrated 10 years and 10,000 global volunteers matched with NGOs in more than 60 countries across the world. We are now rebuilding our website with new technologies. Our goal is to have a site that can handle partnerships with major media organizations, such as CBS during times of crisis/natural disaster. When a crisis occurs and is featured on TV, people will give through UniversalGiving. Our site must be robust, have excellent performance and the ability to handle millions of visitors.

Job Summary:
We are hiring a Senior Lead Software Engineer to help us rebuild the UniversalGiving website. Ideally, this engineer will be committed to UniversalGiving for the long term. The Software Engineer Lead should have experience building marketplace websites such as Amazon, Target or Zappos. We are open to engineers from Silicon Valley as well as the other parts of the nation. The Lead Engineer will report to the UniversalGiving Board, Tech Committee and the CEO. We will also hire a supporting frontend web developer to assist you. This is primarily a backend development position with a strong focus on software engineering skills.We will consider full-stack developers, but you must have a strong software engineering background and be able to write robust code.

Please Note: We already have a strategic plan, overall website visual, and team due diligence on each major feature/component. We will guide you on the overall vision and features of the site, though we will give you creative freedom to use your judgment on implementation.

Create a robust, maintainable design and architecture for new website.
Write efficient, well designed code with clean separation, loose coupling, modularity, etc.
Rebuild the UniversalGiving website with a robust backend.
Develop and implement new user features and new web components.
Work closely with UniversalGiving Tech Committee with professionalism and sound communication skills.
Our current website is built based on Java, Apache Struts, MySQL, Apache Tomcat 7.0, JMeter, and Hibernate ORM. For rebuild, we are considering using Java or newer technology stack such as MEAN or MERN. We are open to your suggestions—please be ready to propose ideas.
Long-term commitment to grow with the organization as a full-time or part-time role after the rebuild.

Degree in Computer Science (or equivalent).
Experience in building highly scalable, web-based marketplaces from design, development to production.
Experience with content management systems.
Experience managing scalable, cloud hosting solutions such as AWS or Azure.
Experience with Continuous Integration / Agile.
Experience using third-party libraries like PayPal, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
Do not have to be web designer, but must be able work with frontend developers.
Self-directed problem solver.
Excellent communication and collaboration skills to work with secondary developer.
Interest in nonprofit work, international issues, and philanthropy.
Interest in using technical skills for broader social good.
Full support for the mission and vision of UniversalGiving.

To Apply:
Email your resume, cover letter and references to with “Software Engineer” in the subject line. In your cover letter, please describe your experience in building web-based marketplaces and your specific role. In addition, please be clear about your view of our current technologies vs. any new technologies you would propose for the new website. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. No phone calls please.