Training And Capacity Building Associate – The Praxis Project – Alameda, CA

The Training and Capacity Building Associate works under the supervision of the Deputy Director. The Training and Capacity Building Associate draws on the principles of popular education, participatory action research, action education and other liberatory, people-centered pedagogy to develop progressive training approaches as well as capacity building initiatives to support diverse, primarily local organizations nationwide. S/he should be willing and able to work with a team approach, and should share Praxis’ overall commitment to addressing issues of racial and economic justice, working with traditionally disenfranchised populations, changing structural conditions to improve the quality of life, building community power, and institutional/systemically focused strategies. The Training Associate position is based at The Praxis California office.

Management and Planning. In collaboration with the Deputy Director and the senior management team, develop and implement a comprehensive plan for key constituencies in the field at large. Participate in management team meetings as appropriate to coordinate training program and capacity building goals and objectives with those of the organization. Conduct research, user surveys, etc., to determine the products and services the training and capacity building program will offer. Attend conferences, workshops, seminars, and classes to maintain knowledge of changing technologies and developments in the field.

Resource Development and Documentation. Using popular education techniques and other “people-centered” liberatory pedagogy, develop training curricula, materials and other resources to support research and training initiatives. In collaboration with the evaluation team, develop creative tools for evaluating and documenting training work.

Training Coordination and Delivery. Identify, develop and deliver trainings to key constituencies; and coordinate training logistics and ensure delivery of high quality trainings and workshops.

Development and Promotion. Market trainings and workshops according to the organizational strategic plan; develop and implement plans for generating revenues through training and other education opportunities.


Extensive experience in the development and production of user-friendly, training curricula and materials for use by diverse communities.
A deep understanding and application of popular education and other liberatory, people-centered pedagogy for social change.
A minimum of three years experience as a trainer in community-based settings.
Ability to develop partner prospects, proposals and contractual agreements for fee for service and other revenue generation mechanisms.
Ability to effectively translate between, write, and provide training in Spanish and English a plus.
Knowledge of and experience with web publication, social media and the use of the internet as a tool for community building, advocacy and propaganda.
Experience working with diverse populations.
Ability to work collaboratively with community members.
Commitment to addressing systemic causes of racism, sexism, homophobia and poverty.
Knowledge of and experience with web publication and the use of the Internet as a tool for education.
Ability to work independently, be detailed oriented, prioritize own work, and collaborate with and coordinate the work of others in a harmonious and empowering manner.

How to apply

Send coverletter and resume to