Middle School Teachers – Making Waves Academy – Richmond, CA

We are presently highering for:

5th Grade Self-Contained, English Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science

Job Description:

The role of the Middle School Teacher, is to promote literacy across disciplines and collaborate to assess student work, design curriculum, and improve their personal practice. Faculty are expected to actively engage and participate in culture building work be it classroom norms and expectation, lunch room norms and expectations, and hallway norms and expectations. Faculty are expected to invest and engage in the work of developing a results-oriented, collegial and productive team-oriented approach to the work.

Effective MWA Teachers are expected to achieve the following:

Create effective, best practice and MWA compliant unit and lesson plans aligned with Common Core and state curricular standards. These lesson plans and unit plans are differentiated and designed to engage and challenge students.

Data that supports quarterly progress of all students in their classes – ideally growth of 1.5 or more years of growth.

Formative and Summative Assessment templates to be used consistently that embed and provide students practice for summative unit tests, finals, and standardized tests such as the PSAT, SAT, and SBAC.

A formalized student management plan that is aligned with the MWA student management system.

A formalized student and parent engagement plan that details a plan for engaging students and parents as well as provides for metrics to measure growth and development on a quarterly basis.

Division: Middle

Reports To: Division Director

Exemption Status: Exempt, Faculty/teaching position

Position Requirements:

Skills in designing and revising authentic, culturally relevant, standards-based lesson plans for middle school students.

Ability and desire to implement MWA Standards and proven best practices.

Ability to design a wide range of performance assessments aligned with lesson plans, instruction, unit objectives, MWA pacing guides and California state standards.

Ability to administer, analyze and reflect upon quantitative and qualitative student data (schoolwide benchmark data and classroom data) to inform instructional practice.

Ability to communicate with, teach and build relationships with students and their families in the culturally and linguistically diverse MWA community.

Ability and desire to be a “team player” and to collaborate with colleagues, parents and community members to affect the best outcomes for students.

Ability to integrate literacy and writing instruction in your discipline.

Ability to differentiate instruction according to varied learning styles and child cognitive and social development.

Commitment to become an active participant in the school community – attending school performances, school assemblies, extracurricular activities, field trips and conduct home visits.

Educational Requirements:

Bachelors Degree minimum.

College GPA of 3.0 or higher (especially if teaching in a single subject)

California Teaching Credential and CLAD or AB1059, demonstrating compliance with the NCLB “highly qualified teacher” status as defined by the California Department of Education.


Experience working with students and families from historically underserved communities.

National Board Certification.

Spanish language proficiency.

Teachers of color encouraged to apply.

Teachers looking to work in a team-first setting where colleagues hold one another accountable and support one another to be at their best in lesson preparation and instruction.

How to apply

Please email your resume and cover letter to Ms. Ward-Jackson at ewardjackson@mwacademy.org. Please also visit our website at making-waves.org.