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The Yleana Leadership Program is a residential summer academy for high school students preparing for the SAT, based at Colgate University in Hamilton, NY. Students attend on full scholarship and, besides studying for the SAT, study entrepreneurship (which culminates in a one-day startup fair with special guests) and discuss issues that will come to affect them as they enter The Rest Of Their Lives (intended caps) through the writings of authors such as bell hooks, Sherman Alexie, Junot Diaz, Judith Ortiz Cofer, Maya Angelou, etc, while becoming a part of a welcoming and introspective camp community. One of the greatest compliments we received last year was a student who had been in foster care and had had trouble with her parents telling us that Yleana was the first place she felt safe, like people really cared about her. We strive to create and promote that atmosphere – a loving place for kids who haven’t always had it easy.

The program will run from 6/17-8/10, including a week of staff week (training). Staff members must be available for the full employment period to be considered (it is acceptable, when cleared in advance with the Executive Director, to take one to two consecutive days taken off for weddings and/or specific events). Materials will be sent prior to staff week; it is expected that those materials will be read, reviewed and internalized before staff week begins (according to whatever dates are concomitant with those materials when they are sent).

We have openings for three positions: Program Director, SAT Master Teachers, and Assistant Teacher/Counselors. All staff at Yleana live in college dormitories with their students and the camp director, teach as outlined in the specific job description, help out with games and camp events, and serve as mentors/counselors.

SAT Master Teachers are in charge of their own SAT classrooms teaching Critical Reading, Writing and Math. They receive extensive administrative, curricular, and staff assistance. We provide teachers strategies they are expected to teach, daily lessons, a bevy of curricula, and institutional support (our Camp Director is an SAT expert/teacher and oversees the overall program; our Curriculum Director is a returnee from 2014 and will also provide support).

Our class sizes are small – 12-14 and under, with both a master and assistant teacher/counselor in each room: We emphasize small group instruction, and often divide students into different teams and groups for different assignments, as well as emphasizing team-teaching. Classes are divided by ability. Individual students will be tracked based on strengths and weaknesses and pulled out as necessary for one-on-one, as supervised by the Curriculum Director and Camp Director.

Our ideal candidates are college graduates with significant experience teaching the SAT, or significant experience teaching, generally, and demonstrated aptitude on the SAT (we can ONLY hire dualists). Our curriculum includes games, interactive activities, practice tests, and numerous strategies; nevertheless, we prefer instructors who can teach the SAT without ample assistance, who can improvise, and generally who understand how to communicate the test to diverse groups of students – to be creative and outside the box in their approach. Prior camp experience is preferred but not required.

This position is primarily an instructional one, but you will also be occasionally helping out with non-academic games, may be asked to coach an academic coaching group, and asked to staff activities/events/provide coverage. You will live with the students and act as their counselor; although responsibilities such as bedchecks will not normally fall to you, there may be times we ask you to help out.

We are a diverse camp and actively hiring a diverse staff.

The seven weeks of camp (including training week) will take place at Colgate University in Hamilton, NY; transportation will be provided to and from NYC (and transportation to and from other locations may be provided; it’s up for discussion :).
How to apply

Please submit resumes and cover letters via email to