Instructional Technology Specialist – Educurious – Seattle, WA

CONTEXT: Educurious is a Washington State not-for-profit corporation with three main goals: (1) to create materials and experiences that will ensure more students are successful in high school and college and are career ready; (2) to create innovative courses and materials that enable students to participate more fully in the contemporary challenges of our world, and (3) to support educators in implementing the Educurious solution. Educurious (a) uses rich interactive media to provide students with accounts of compelling, personally relevant problems that are currently being studied by experts in contemporary fields and disciplines, (b) uses social media to scaffold students’ authentic participation in related projects (e.g., participatory research models like citizen science), and (c) leverages social networking technologies to connect students and teachers to networks of experts working in contemporary fields and disciplines and teachers to each other through a national professional learning community.

Critical elements in the design of our work include our technology-rich, blended learning approach, the social network components to the courses and associated larger vision for The Educurious Expert Network service network, and the next generation innovation model of the work. All of these elements will require facility and innovation in our use of the web, demonstration of innovative practices with technology as a tool in learning, and familiarity with social media and networks. Learn more about us at

POSITION PURPOSE: The Instructional Technology Specialist will report to Jane Chadsey of the Educurious leadership team.


Provides assistance to partner schools and supports their deployments in implementing our curriculum on various learning management systems
Collaborates with researchers, educators, and staff to support the development and implementation of the Educurious blended learning curriculum on a variety of learning management systems for a national network of partner schools
Analyzes data to inform organizational strategy; curates and visualizes datasets from learning management systems and national, state, and local databases to report on outcome metrics to internal and external stakeholders
Manages social media campaigns and Educurious web presence in concert with evolving marketing strategies to increase brand awareness, foster audience engagement, and achieve recruitment goals
Develops full stack of web technologies, including front-end HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and back-end database models, for Educurious content management system
Provides technical support to the curriculum development team with knowledge of NIMAS, EPUB, metatagging and other tech specs for design and production


Strong project management and organizational skills
In-depth knowledge of web and social media platforms (e.g. blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.)
Ability to author HTML, CSS and Java Script and embed social controls
Strong writing, editing, and storytelling ability
Good technical understanding of principles of SEO
Google Analytics, management of funnel campaigns a plus
Familiarity with a variety of preK-12 learning management systems
Team player in a nimble organization, with the confidence and ability to take the lead when necessary
Technology development skills and experience as a dev preferred
Experience and/or Graduate degree in Education and familiarity with school systems and the challenges faced by urban districts preferred

How to apply

Please send a resume, cover letter, and contact information by e-mail to