Elementary Teaching Fellow – University Prep Elementary Schools (Denver, Colorado) – Denver, CO

Position Summary:
Teaching Fellows are entrusted with advancing the mission of the school through supporting all scholars in meeting behavioral, cultural and academic expectations. Fellows will gain hands-on experience in the classroom, participate in school-wide professional development, lead instruction, and receive frequent feedback and coaching. Teaching Fellows are supported and held accountable by Principal Resident. In completing the Fellowship year, Teaching Fellows are prepared to be certified teachers in the state of Colorado and in the strongest position to take on a full-time teaching role within University Prep.

Suggested Qualifications
· Strong commitment to, belief in, and alignment with mission and vision of school.
· Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree.
· Excellent verbal and written skills.
· Experience or familiarity analyzing data and using data to inform decisions and/or instruction.
· Strong organizational skills.
· Openness to feedback, desire to continue development as a professional, and willingness to
. take responsibility for scholar outcomes and achievement.
· Bilingual preferred (English/Spanish).

· Embody mission and vision of school.
· Support teachers in the creation of rigorous, standards-aligned curriculum including scope and sequence, unit plans, and lesson plans. (Over time, the responsibility of Teaching Fellows increases, and they may take on the creation of standards-aligned lesson plans targeted to achieve end of year goals)
· Teach & enforce school-wide systems, rules & consequences, disciplinary codes, and rewards at all times.
· Provide engaging, motivating, and rigorous instruction in whole-class, small group and individual settings (Teaching Fellows build to this responsibility throughout the year, carrying a larger teaching load as the year progresses).
· Provide academic support and tutoring to small groups or individual scholars as needed/scheduled.
· Analyze student achievement data and action plan accordingly in collaboration with staff and leadership.
· Communicate regularly and proactively with scholars and families.
· Draft scholar report cards and revise as required.
· Collaborate with other staff members and actively participate in all professional development and learning opportunities.
· Continuously use feedback to make productive changes in instructional practices and overall performance.
· Complete all administrative requirements before given deadlines.
· Participate in additional activities including field trips, intensive academic support sessions, and other required programs as needed throughout year.

Fellows receive a competitive compensation package including a salary and comprehensive health benefits. In addition, University Prep supports Fellows in receiving their teaching licensure.

How To Apply