Elementary School Assistant Principal – Heketi Community Charter School – Bronx, NY

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Heketi Community Charter School is small school that opened its doors in the South Bronx in fall 2012. We seek dedicated and passionate individuals who are committed to making knowledge accessible to all students, engaging with families and the community, and critically examining their practice for continued professional growth. Candidates with experience teaching in a high poverty urban school are encouraged to apply.

School Mission

“The mission of Heketi is to provide an exceptional educational solution through an integrated educational design with high expectations, extensive academic and social-emotional support, and a high level of family and community engagement.”

“Heketi” is the Taíno word for ONE. Taínos are the indigenous people of the Caribbean, representing the heritage of a large portion of the Spanish-speaking population in the South Bronx. Heketi was borne out of a desire to honor this heritage and embrace the power of multilingual literacy and reading skills for success and leadership. The meaning of Heketi, ONE, is also a recognition of what it takes to create an educational environment that ensures each child’s success. Heketi’s educational design integrates families, school staff, and community members-all invested and united in building a community focused on achievement.


Curriculum Planning & Professional Development

• Direct the planning, development and evaluation of curriculum;
• Ensure alignment of curriculums with the NYS Common Core standards and assessments;

• Manage the curriculum adoption, review and revision process;

• Plan and lead weekly professional development sessions in mathematics;

• Assist in unpacking the NYS Common Core Mathematics standards;

• Lead the development and implementation of new and promising practices and/or programs;

• Keep abreast of and interpret to the staff, current research, curriculum development, assessments and instructional strategies;

• Manage the purchasing of instructional materials.

Coaching & Supervision

• Ensure teacher fidelity to Heketi’s instructional program and philosophy;
• Lead grade-level crew meetings;
• Conduct semi-monthly walkthroughs;
• Coach and give direct feedback to classroom teachers;
• Model lessons for specific teaching strategies;
• Conduct formal teacher observations and participate in teacher evaluations.

Assessment & Student Achievement

• Know all Heketi students well and support high student achievement for all students;
• Lead efforts to provide appropriate content-specific support and interventions to all students;
• Assist in the development of formative and summative assessments;
• Know state examination requirements and guide efforts to support strong student achievement;
• Support in the preparation and coordination of NYS examinations;
• Disaggregate and analyze test data, and assist in its use for school improvement;
• Demonstrate an ongoing commitment to performance-based accountability.

Collaboration with Families

• Participate in the Instructional Support Team;
• Communicate proactively with families;

• Assist in communicating with families through school-wide envelope communication, progress reports, phone calls, and meetings as necessary;

• Build rapport with families;
• Participate in Heketi community events;
• Assist in coordinating special events to encourage family involvement and dialogue about students;
• Organize and facilitate parent workshops.

School Culture

• Assist in creating and maintaining a school culture that promotes high expectations for student behavior and academic work;
• Support the school’s RC philosophy within and outside the classroom;

• Cultivate strong partnerships with community organizations;

• Oversee extra-curricular activities, Saturday Academy, and after school programs;
• Oversee arrival, breakfast, lunch, and dismissal duties;
• Participate in Heketi community events;
• Assist in coordinating special events to encourage family involvement and dialogue about students;
• Organize and facilitate parent workshops.

Qualifications and Skills:

• Passionate belief in Heketi’s mission, values, and educational model;

• Eagerness to participate in a leadership role to develop a school during its initial years;

• Demonstrated skills as a master teacher and/or coach;

• Knowledge of subject-specific discipline (English language arts or mathematics) standards and content pedagogy;

• Working knowledge of programs and practices in all subject areas

• Ability to problem-solve;

• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills;

• Spanish fluency preferred;

• NYS SAS or SBL certificate required;

• At least five years of experience as a classroom teacher.

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit your résumé to jobs@heketi.org with the name of the position for which you are applying in your subject line. Include a cover letter with a description of why Heketi is the right school for you.