Education Program Coordinator – SeeBeyondBorders – Cambodia

Overview of the Position
The Education Program Coordinator will work directly with the SeeBeyondBorders’ Education Team to provide expertise to learning design in the Quality Teaching Program including the Khmer Literacy Program and Maths Program.
The Education Program Coordinator will work closely with the SeeBeyondBorders education staff to:
● Design resources and lesson plans to support the SeeBeyondBorders’ Quality Teaching Program

● Build capacity of SeeBeyondBorders staff in teaching methodologies, concept understanding and teaching and learning.
● Review and offer feedback on the design of lesson plans, activities, and resources to be used in the classrooms giving due consideration to the local environment, culture and curriculum content, including evaluating the effectiveness of existing resources.
● Work as part of a team to achieve program and organisation objectives,and collect information and data to demonstrate outcomes
The main focus will be on the design and implementation of resources and lesson plans for the use of Cambodian teachers in Literacy and Maths. Frequent reporting to the Education Team and liaising with other stakeholders involved in the Quality Teaching Program, will be essential.

About SeeBeyondBorders
SeeBeyondBorders’ primary focus is to improve education standards in Cambodia, providing children with access to quality teaching and learning at school. SeeBeyondBorders is a registered charity in Australia and the UK and operates as a registered international non-government organisation in Cambodia. Operating in two provinces in Cambodia, SeeBeyondBorders conducts programs to teach teachers, engage parents and communities to support and encourage their children to get to school. In the work we do in schools and in the way we run the organisation, our aim is to build capability within Cambodia so that ultimately SeeBeyondBorders becomes the professional development provider of choice.
Our primary focus is in the rural areas of Battambang and Siem Reap provinces. In each area, our Quality Teaching programs form the lead initiative and are supported by our Community Engagement and Systemic Support programs according to individual school development plans, community needs, and systemic requirements.
Currently we work in 89 schools, with approximately 466 teachers in our programs, who teach and educate more than 13,500 children.
Employment Type
Full-Time Contract for 1 Year
Battambang Town, Battambang Province, Cambodia with occasional travel within Cambodia
Accountable to

Education Technical Manager
40 hours per week with scheduled Cambodian public holidays (approximately 23 days per year) together with 18 days of annual leave per annum, accessible on a pro-rata pre-approved basis. Occasional weekend work may be required with time off in lieu.
Successful candidate will be offered a competitive living allowance and work expenses will be covered.
Start Date
August/September 2019

Qualifications and experience – Required
– Relevant degree level qualifications in education with at least 3 years teaching experience (Primary School) and with a deep knowledge of reading, writing, phonics and literacy development and mathematical concepts
– Complete fluency with written and spoken English
– High level of communication and presentation skills
– Having attention to detail when creating and distributing documents both internal and external to the organisation

Qualifications and experience – Desirable
– Understanding of developing countries and the challenges they provide for those with Western education development staff
– Experience of Cambodian culture, and laws
– Experience of having worked with a translator, English to foreign language or vice versa, both orally and written, in a range of environments
– Demonstrated experience motivating and encouraging small and/or larger groups of people

Personal Characteristics:
– Results-oriented individual keen to develop the skills of others so as to help achieve those results
– Team player, willing to work hard and set an example to colleagues at all levels of the organisation
– Respected and respectful with a high level of honesty and integrity and a passion for empowering the most vulnerable
– Innovative and creative attitude to change and improvements, with a willingness to share ideas and identify opportunities for improvement
– Able to communicate and collaborate with colleagues and partners at all levels and from a variety of ethnic, social and religious backgrounds
– Patient with a high tolerance for setbacks, understanding that working in a developing country can be challenging at times
– Able to identify and analyse problems and evaluate alternative solutions, making recommendations in the best interest of the organisation
– Shows commitment to seeing projects through to completion
– Ability to critically reflect upon programs/activities and uses lessons learned to make positive changes
– Demonstrates a desire and drive to acquire necessary knowledge, skills, and competencies to best serve the needs of the organisation
– Reports openly and honestly to stakeholders within the organisation
Responsibility for Values
Active commitment to the SeeBeyondBorders Development Philosophy and values;
– Changemaker | Competency | Integrity | Courage | Respect

Tasks and Responsibilities
Office and administration (Approximately 70% of workload):
● Create (with the Team) effective and appropriate lesson plans in accordance with Cambodian Early Grade National Curriculum
● Work with Education Team to create, revise and edit teaching and learning resources
● Organise resources (planners and materials) for distribution to teachers in classrooms together with the Education Team
● Develop and organise assessment tasks and support with the implementation of the assessment schedule
● Explain and model lesson plans and resources to SeeBeyondBorders staff
● Gather feedback and make revisions based on classroom implementation of resources and materials (and in relation to cultural differences)
● Work with the SeeBeyondBorders translator to ensure they have a basic understanding of the program and materials, and set reasonable deadlines
● Professionally represent the organisation to a variety of external bodies including the Ministry of
Education and other NGOs
● Help with the preparation and delivery of training sessions (INSET) to teachers outside of the classroom (including organisation of training sessions and materials)
● Manage personal timesheets and personal business expenses
Fieldwork (Approximately 30% of workload):
● Visit teachers/classrooms on a weekly basis to observe the implementation of lesson plans, activities and resources in order to make changes
● Participate in and model lesson plans and resources to teachers, principals and school communities at workshops and in schools
● Support the organisation of resources for assessment and observe the administration of assessment tasks throughout the year
● Liaise with all Education stakeholders in the community in a professional, appropriate and timely manner

How To Apply