Data and Evaluation Manager – Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center (LYRIC) – San Francisco, CA

Position Summary
The Data and Evaluation Manager serves as a member of the agency’s leadership team and is responsible for strengthening and managing the organization’s performance measurement systems and processes, for promoting the use of data as a critical tool for program modification and improvement, and for ensuring that the appropriate analyses and reports are prepared and disseminated to meet internal and external reporting and compliance requirements. This position manages the agency’s database, training and partnering with staff members to ensure that data is routinely collected and reviewed to meet quality, fidelity, and accountability standards. This is a position that requires an individual with the technical experience and leadership competencies to cultivate and sustain a culture of learning and continuous improvement in service of LYRIC’s mission.

Operational Management
1. Manage the data and evaluation functions and practices of the organization.
2. Establish and implement comprehensive standards, policies, procedures, and training to support efficient, accurate, and timely data tracking and to ensure data quality and integrity, including reliability and validity.
3. Establish strategic and operational goals that utilize data and evaluation to advance the field of LGBTQQ youth development.
4. Design, facilitate, and support routine practices and trainings to promote and ensure the use of data to improve implementation, modifications, accountability, and outcomes across the organization.
5. Develop, manage, and refine data collection, analyses, and reporting tools and instruments.

Database Management
1. Responsible for the management, operations, troubleshooting, and upgrading of the organization’s database to support the full range of organizational data needs.
2. Manage all data and evaluation related vendor/consultant/partner relationships (e.g., Social Solutions-Apricot database provider, Sidekick Solutions database consultants, etc.).
3. Stay up-to-date regarding features and functionalities as well as concepts driving the development of the agency’s database.
4. Partner with the Deputy Director and staff supervisors to ensure that data (e.g., case notes, activities, assessments, etc.) are entered correctly and in a timely manner.
5. Review all reports for accuracy and timeliness so that the database maintains real time information about programs and youth participants.

Reporting and Compliance
1. Monitor deadlines and ensure the timely completion and dissemination of internal/external reports to meet public and private funder requirements.
2. Manage the process of importing and exporting data between the agency’s database and the reporting systems utilized by various funders.
3. Respond to Executive Director/Deputy Director requests for information for preparation of reports to foundations.
4. Preparation for and participation in grantee meetings and other funder-related activities.

Research and Evaluation
1. Develop, manage, and maintain a user-friendly and up-to-date repository of internal and external research, evaluation findings, historical data analyses and reports on LGBTQQ youth, comparable populations, and related program models.
2. Disseminate research, reports, and relevant data from internal/external sources to support staff and program improvement.
3. Manage inquiries from and relationships with external research and evaluation institutions.
4. Translate and disseminate evaluation results (e.g., analyzing data, writing policy briefs, preparing charts/PowerPoint presentations) to help LYRIC communicate the impact of our programs, better articulate the needs facing LGBTQQ youth, and advocate for system transformation.

General Support
1. Attend staff meetings as well as other organizational retreats and gatherings.
2. Engage with LYRIC youth, staff, and board in organization-wide grassroots fundraising campaigns.
3. Other duties as assigned.

1. Three to five years of experience in program management, evaluation, or contract compliance.
2. Proficiency with database administration (Social Solutions-Apricot, preferred), MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), and Google Apps.
3. Experience providing detailed quantitative/qualitative reports to multiple government agencies.
4. Ability to design, modify, and administer a variety of assessment instruments (e.g., pre/post tests) on youth development/leadership topics.
5. Ability to provide training on data collection methods, evaluation concepts, and use of computers/mobile devices for data entry by staff.
6. Passion for and commitment to working with LGBTQQ youth and marginalized communities.
7. Exposure to and commitment to learning more about positive youth development framework, youth-adult partnership frameworks and knowledge of LGBTQQ youth issues.
8. Highly consistent and self-motivated; able to take initiative, manage, and complete multiple tasks within deadlines and within budget.
9. Excellent facilitation and communication skills (verbal, written, data visualization).
10. Action-oriented with excellent problem-solving skills.
11. Highly organized, detail-oriented, and able to work in a fast-paced environment where tasks may be interrupted frequently.
12. Ability to seek out, encourage, and exchange appreciative as well as developmental feedback with colleagues and supervisor.
13. Ability to identify and communicate needs for support.
14. Ability to address challenges directly by de-escalating conflict and fostering mutual understanding.

15. Commitment to ongoing self-improvement and professional development.

How To Apply
To apply, please send an email to