Writer – Basecamp Strategy – Washington, DC

About us:
Basecamp Strategy is a fast-growing digital fundraising firm taking a new approach to communication. We know that high-quality content drives stronger performance—and we’ve proved it through our work with amazing candidates and organizations, including Humanity Forward (Andrew Yang’s PAC); Mary Gay Scanlon (PA-05); ASPIRE PAC, which supports Democratic AAPI candidates across the country; the Washington State Democratic Party; and many others!
Our vision for a better world drives everything we do: we believe that people with good ideas CAN change the world when empowered with the right tools and expertise.
We win tough races and elect incredible people by raising our clients as much money as possible online. But we’re a different kind of digital fundraising firm: We motivate with honesty and authenticity. We’re digital storytellers. And not only do candidates, donors, and voters prefer our style but we’ve also seen time and again that this kind of content drives the strongest fundraising results.
The best strategies for engaging donors have yet to be invented — and we’re here to innovate and do just that. And we can only do exceptional work if we have the best team in the business. We’re a team of specialists that’s here to challenge assumptions and figure out what performs the best today, not what worked in 2012, 2014, 2016, or November 2018.

We know that when more voices are at the table, bigger, better, and bolder things happen. In both hiring employees and recruiting clients, we approach every decision with a commitment to diversity. Basecamp Strategy recruits, employs, trains, compensates and promotes regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, age, veteran status, and other protected status as required by applicable law.
Our approach has garnered us notice, and our team is growing and evolving quickly. No one is doing the same job they were doing six months ago or even three months or a month ago. You’ll be asked to learn quickly, and the moment you’ve nailed it, we hope you’ll be ready to learn something new.
If you love a fast-paced environment, doing tremendously good work efficiently, thinking outside the box, and figuring out how to go from great to incredibly great, then you’ll love it here.

About YOU:
You know how high the stakes are for this election, and you know how essential it is for Democrats to raise enough money to compete against the Trump fundraising machine. So your dream job is writing digital content that will motivate Democrats across the country to give our candidates and causes the best possible chance of succeeding.
You have experience on your resume in communications, press, journalism, or writing in another field. You like writing a lot, and you don’t mind working under deadlines.

You don’t have to have previous fundraising experience, but you do have to want your content to raise a lot of money for Democrats. Our writers refresh ActBlue for email results almost as often as our fundraisers do. It’s instant feedback on how compelling your work is, and you’ll work with the fundraising strategists and editorial team to hone the message and raise even more to take on Trump and the GOP.
You should also have a keen attention to detail, the ability to prioritize several tasks without letting anything fall through the cracks, love a collaborative fast-paced work environment, hold yourself to a high standard of work, and have a passion for electing kickass Democrats!

How to apply:
Send us an email at jobs@basecampstrategy.com. In the subject line, include your full name and the word “Writer.” Attach your resume and portfolio (or if you don’t have a portfolio, at least three of your best works). In the body of the email, in lieu of a cover letter, answer the following questions: