Shipwright _ Youth Educator – Sawhorse Revolution – Seattle

responsibilities of a Build Lead.
The total time frame for work will be July 17th – August 9th. The first week will be an estimated 15-20
hrs. when we will commence builders meetings, procure materials and set up our shop space. The
build will be July 24th – August 4th and will run M-F from 9am to 4:30pm. Builder Coordination
meetings will take place Monday and Thursday from 4-5 pm and Fridays will be student free. There
week after the build will be about 20hrs of clean up and vacating of shop space. (There will be 2-3
paid, hour and half builders meetings prior to start date.)

o Proven experience as a Shipwright or similar role (3+ years), with a strong portfolio
demonstrating successful completion of wooden boat projects
o Extensive knowledge of wooden boat construction techniques, including modern approaches
and the use of materials like plywood
o Proficiency in drafting
o Ability to effectively communicate complex concepts and instructions to high school students
with varying levels of woodworking experience
o Excellent organizational and time management abilities, ensuring project milestones and
deadlines are met
o A passion for teaching and mentoring young individuals, fostering their personal and technical
o Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to collaborate effectively with students, instructors,
volunteers, and non-profit staff

Physical Requirements
o Lift 50 pounds multiple times a day
o Be on one’s feet for 6h minimum, more if required
o Proper lifting technique
o Comfort with ladders

General Responsibilities
o Arrive on time to meetings and program.
o Coordinate with Program Director and Lead, Albert Smalls
o Communicate with Albert or other Sawhorse staff about time off, absences in a
timely manner.
o Co-Prepare a schedule for the day
o Provide Sawhorse with full name and birthday for a required background check.
o Be at Builders Meetings.
o Help clean site each day post program and set up prep prior.

Program Specific Responsibilities
o Safety first. Lead by example. Lead the job site with correct and safe means and methods of
o Attend all program sessions, and prep time and post program times communicated and expected.
o Coordinate with Program Lead and assistant on all materials, tools, hardware, etc, needed for
each program day.
o Coordinate on how program days will be organized with an understanding of teams and tasks
that needed to be completed that day.
o Work alongside 12-20 youth and other mentors, Sawhorse staff, and volunteers.
o Keep the site moving and delegate tasks to keep students active.
o Adhere to all Sawhorse values and expectations including but not limited to physical job site
safety, failure positive education, no harmful or hateful language, lead by example, and
attention paid to the students learning and their experiences.
o Participate in Mentor training prior to program
o The Build Lead will be asked to do some work outside of the scope of hours for tasks that will
have an impact on the following day- such as materials run, returns, tool purchasing, trailer
moving, trailer organization, tool maintenance, making calls to suppliers, material orders, or
doing “magic” work onsite outside program hours to complete a needed build task.
o May engage in site work like clearing, layout, digging, and concrete work and be involved with
transporting the two structures two their future site, if applicable.
Materials Errands
o Purchase materials as needed o
o Keep all receipts / labeled
o Turn receipts into Albert at end of each week.

Contractor Responsibilities
o Complete each deliverable to the best of ability
o Accurately document hours of productive work and submit time every two weeks
o Proactively request support from Sawhorse Revolution staff when necessary

Employer Responsibilities
o Provide reasonable access to Sawhorse Revolution content and resources
o Communication on daily/weekly basis
o Prompt payment every two weeks
o Response to feedback and concerns

The contractor will be held accountable for responsibilities by the Program Coordinator with whom
they are working on the project. If needed, the Program/Executive Director. Healthy direct
professional communication will be used to work through conflict.
Fee Schedule
This engagement will be conducted on an hourly basis. This is a contract of temporary employment.
You will need to submit reasonable employer documentation to our financial manager and track
hours meticulously.
Your payment will follow Sawhorse Revolution schedule and start within two weeks of first
documentation of hours. All hours are due by noon on the Monday following the end of the pay
period. You can set up direct deposit if desired. These details will be communicated from Albert on
first day.
There is a $35/hr wage for this position.
Out-of-Pocket Expenses
Employer will be invoiced for all costs associated with out-of-pocket expenses listed on the invoice
as a separate line item. Reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses in connection with performance
of this SOW, when authorized and up to the limits set forth in this SOW, shall be in accordance with
Employer’s policies.

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