Executive Director – Stories Matter Foundation – Chicago, IL

Future Thinking and Organizational Growth
As a young organization, SMF is designing its future. We are focused on continually improving our existing programs while creating outreach efforts to meet real community needs.
Our Executive Director should be able to work with big ideas—and the myriad skills necessary to parse, prioritize, pay for, and turn those ideas into programs that serve the organization and our stakeholders.
This includes:
• Leading a small, productive, and determined staff
• Creating a development/fundraising program
• Collaborating with Board, staff, and stakeholders to design a strategic plan
• Knowing where to put focus, and when to put ideas on hold
• Using strong relationship building skills to position SMF as a significant collaborator & leader in Chicago arts & outreach
People. Our focus is on training exceptional and successful creative writers, as well as developing confident storytellers prepared to take on the challenges they face in their own communities. Executive

Director must be a strong communicator, and:
• Be an exceptional leader who will manage and develop our staff
• Collaborate with the Board of Directors
• Create and manage relationships with other literary arts organizations, community groups, and city leaders
Fundraising. The Executive Director has a wonderful opportunity to build development and fundraising to support existing programs, provide scholarships and power the Chicago Stories Project. This will be a priority project for the Executive Director as the organization is ready to grow.
Programs and Outreach. Our creative writing school has the been the heart of our community and a leader in Chicago’s literary arts for 16 years. This mature program is run by an adept staff and led by our Artistic Director. The Executive Director must manage these operations and become intimate with the challenges and opportunities the school provides.
The Executive Director will be expected to focus time on building the Chicago Stories Project into a significant and important program to reach underserved communities in need of communications, storytelling, and advocacy skills. The Chicago Stories Project will train people to agitate for the change they need on a small or large scale.

Minimum Qualifications
• Bachelors Degree
• Experience leading nonprofit programs
• Leadership, managerial, and staff development skills
• Emphasis on development and fundraising successes
• Marketing and public relations experience

How To Apply