Director of Resource Mobilization and Sustainability – Heirs To Our Oceans – Emerald Hills

A candidate for H2OO Dir. of RMS will have the following characteristics and interests:
· Passionate about enabling youth in their youth-led initiatives as they develop as empathetic leaders and gain empowerment and real-world learning opportunities;
· Interest in acting as a bridge between the youth leaders of H2OO and philanthropy and fundraising, recognizing that the development role is key to furthering the H2OO’s youth-led initiatives and youth-serving programming;
· Open mind about youth member’s positions, concerns and ideas;
· Curiosity about youth capabilities and aspirations of youth members, wanting to connect with them to effectively convey their voices to the philanthropic or corporate sponsorship communities;
· Commitment to ensuring open-access, non-financial burdensome opportunities to youth who are traditionally marginalized, most vulnerably situated, and otherwise would not have access to such opportunities;
· Committed to working in collaboration;
· Interest in leveraging strengths throughout H2OO community and personal network;
· Interest in being actively immersed in H2OO’s community and activities.

H2OO Dir. of RMS will have the following high-level responsibilities:
· Develop and execute H2OO’s annual fundraising plan including a diversified fundraising pipeline;
· Create and execute a strategy based upon current trends for a large, sustained base of annual individual donors;
· Secure financial support from individuals, foundations and corporations;
· Scale-up operations infrastructure as pertains to database/donor management;
· Develop and maintain ongoing relationships with donors;
· Identify partnerships and collaborations with organizations and platforms that drive critical philanthropic support and are aligned with H2OO’s values;
· Update and maintain charity-oriented platforms accessed by potential donors;
· Coordinate metrics according to best practices and trends and work with E.D. in developing annual impact statement.

A candidate for H2OO Dir. of RMS will have the following skillset:
· Substantial experience in development/fundraising
· Demonstrated excellence in organizational, managerial, and communication skills
· Experience in database management
· Experience in using presentation software such as keynote, powerpoint, google slides
· Experience in presenting/speaking to a variety of audiences, including global, youth and philanthropic audiences, in-person and virtually

If you believe that you are a good fit for the position, please send to April Peebler at the following:
· Resume or CV
· Statement of interest; your “why”
· 3 references who can affirm your success in development/fundraising