WNCLB Executive Director – Wilmington – Econsult Solutions Inc

Econsult Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce an exciting job opportunity related to one of our projects, the Wilmington Neighborhood Conservancy Land Bank (WNCLB). WNCLB is a single purpose entity that facilitates the transition of problem parcels into productive use in Wilmington, DE. It is the state’s first and only land bank. Since 2015, ESI has been working with the City of Wilmington and WNCLB to help establish and develop the land bank in its initial stages – and it is now ready to become operational with the hiring of its first Executive Director. Please share this unique opportunity with your personal and professional networks.

Position Overview
The Wilmington Neighborhood Conservancy Land Bank (WNCLB) was formed in early 2016 as part of a multi-pronged strategy by the City of Wilmington and other stakeholders to combat blight, facilitate investment, and stabilize neighborhoods in Wilmington. It will be a single-purpose entity that facilitates the transition of problem parcels into productive use, whether public use or private development.

The WNCLB will be run by an executive director who will manage staff employed by the WNCLB as well as those employees provided by the City. The WNCLB is governed by a 15-person Board of Directors consisting of representatives from City government, State of Delaware government appointees, bank Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) officers, and community representatives. The WNCLB is advised by a Technical Board consisting of representatives from neighborhood-serving entities throughout the city.

For more information, please refer to the ordinance authorization for the establishment of the Wilmington Neighborhood Conservancy Land Bank.

Preferred Qualifications
Bachelor’s degree (Master’s or higher preferred).
5+ years of managerial experience in business, government, or not-for-profit sector.
Familiarity with real estate transactions, neighborhood economic development, and land use planning.
Experience in starting up a new entity.
Experience in implementing community revitalization initiatives.
Strong relationship-building skills, especially as it relates to public and stakeholder engagement and to managing teams.
Knowledge of and respect for Wilmington’s geography, neighborhoods, economy, and government.
A vision for using a land bank as a tool for improving a community’s perception and its built form.

Organizational Structure
The Executive Director reports to the Chair of the WNCLB Board of Directors, and works with the Board Chair to deploy the Board of Directors in its governing function
S/he works with the Board Chair to deploy the Technical Board in its advising function.
S/he is responsible for all operations and all staff of the WNCLB.
S/he has authority to execute all agreements on behalf of the WNCLB.

Job Functions
The Executive Director is responsible for completing the WNCLB’s annual reporting and for representing the WNCLB to the general public and to a wide range of stakeholders.
S/he is responsible for overseeing all land transactions and ensuring their adherence to the overall strategy of the WNCLB and of the City of Wilmington.
S/he is responsible for completing the WNCLB’s annual budget and for all other financial management tasks.
S/he is responsible for working with staff, the Board of Directors, and the Technical Board to set the overall direction for the WNCLB and to build out the internal processes of this new entity.
S/he is responsible for generating sufficient revenue streams to carry out the desired composition and scale of activities for the WNCLB.

The desired start date is between September and December 2016. Interested candidates should submit a resume and cover letter with salary expectations, along with any questions to wnclb@econsultsolutions.com