Finance & Operations Manager – Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber – Portland, OR

Position Description:
The Finance & Operations Manager will work closely with the Interim Executive Director for all administrative affairs of the organization. This position will assist the Interim Executive Director in all aspects of the successful performance of the Hispanic Chamber including: operations, the organization’s mission, the successful execution of all board policies, and the fulfillment of all contractual obligations.
The Finance & Operations Manager will perform tasks and provide support to the Interim Executive Director to accomplish the following:
– Increase the number of Hispanic Chamber members
– Increase the participation of members in the organization’s activities
– Increase the quality and efficiency of the delivery of services for technical assistance, scholarships, and leadership development based on contractual requirements, grants, and direction from the Interim Executive Director
– Increase the number and the dollar amount of scholarships awarded to Latino students throughout Oregon and SW Washington
– Increase the number of active partnerships with public and private sector organizations to increase the quality of activities, services and benefits for members.
– Maintain office space for the delivery of program services to members and clients.

– Increase organizational funding and the efficient use of those funds for operations and staffing

Key responsibilities:
– Develop financial reports and other reports as requested by the Interim Executive Director
– Manage all financial and performance audits
– Perform all accounting: bank deposits, accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger posting, account reconciliation and coordination of all financial information.
– Manage and coordinate all computer, telephonic and other communication vendors
– Work with the Scholarship/IDA Coordinator regarding the financial elements of all events including logistics, contracts and payments.
– Manage the updating and maintenance of the Hispanic Chamber website
– Process and maintain all membership information
– Manage the everyday operation of the organization
– Manage special projects as assigned by the Interim Executive Director
– Establish partnerships and maintain positive relationships with Hispanic Chamber members, key contacts in the Hispanic community, public and private sector organizations and other key stakeholders.
– Manage purchasing of all office equipment and supplies
– Manage all insurance and licensing requirements for the organization and contracts the organization undertakes
– Perform time cost billing for monthly services on contracts
– Manage the annual filing of Form 990

Required Qualifications:
o Experience in bookkeeping and database management
o Experience preparing financial information and reports
o Excellent interpersonal, written and oral communication skills in English.
o Bilingual (Spanish/English) highly preferred.
o Demonstrated effectiveness working with diverse people and organizations.
o Ability to take initiative and prioritize tasks using time-management and problem-

solving skills
o A strong sense of personal integrity and professionalism. Candidates’ histories must

be impeccable in terms of honesty, fairness and overall integrity.
Other preferred experience: A successful track record of:
o Working for programs in the Latino community
o Working with the Latino business community
o Event planning and implementation
Working in financial management/administrative positions

How To Apply