Executive Director – Open Society Foundations – Cape Town, South Africa

Job Profile
Specific responsibilities of the Executive Director include but are not limited to:
Providing overall strategic direction by developing and recommending appropriate strategies and policies to OSF-SA’s Board for approval and ensuring their successful implementation in line with the mandate and vision of the foundation;
Reporting to the Board and participation as a member to ensure that the Board is well informed in providing overall oversight, guidance and direction in leading OSF-SA;
Overseeing the management of OSF-SA’s finances, ensuring financial transparency, compliance, and accountability are of the highest standard and accounted for through timely and accurate reporting to the Board, the OSF network through the Africa Regional Director and OSF’s internal auditors;
Providing overall direction and management of OSF-SA in relation to strategy, policy, research, programme and grant management, human resources, finances and communications;
Creating and maintaining a motivational climate, which promotes valued and engaged employees and the development of constructive working relationships;
Developing the professional capabilities of a high-level team, encouraging team members to feel ownership in the work the foundation produces;
Ensuring that OSF-SA’s operation is based on respect for principles of equity, inclusion and diversity;
Establishing and maintaining an organizational structure, systems and processes which support OSF-SA’s overall objectives;
Establishing and maintaining OSF-SA’s positive reputation in line with its strategy;
Managing relationships with key stakeholders and communicating with them both formally and informally to ensure they understand OSF-SA and its objectives and ensure their needs are understood and translated into practical applications;
In addition to reporting to OSF-SA’s Board, reporting and driving collaboration with the wider OSF network; managing relationships and communicating both formally and informally to ensure optimal synergies and engagement by the OSF network as a whole in South Africa;
Providing secretariat services to the Board;
Ensuring compliance with Corporate Governance and relevant domestic legislation.

Candidate Profile
The successful candidate will demonstrate significant personal and professional commitment to the advancement of open society values across South Africa and detailed understanding of the country’s geo-political landscape and historical context. She/he will bring substantive analytical skills to bear in designing strategy that meaningfully promotes human rights and constitutionalism in South Africa. She/he will need to be experienced in and enjoy navigating a complex stakeholder terrain, and have an instinctive understanding of how to build and leverage relationships in support of OSF-SA’s mission. Operating on the highest ethical and fiduciary standards will be fundamental to success in this role and the Executive Director is expected to embody the values that OSF-SA seeks to promote.

The successful candidate will:
Demonstrate exceptional knowledge of South Africa’s Constitution, history, politics, economics and the civic sector therein;
Possess a tertiary degree and at least eight years’ management experience, three of which must be within a senior management position, leading multi-disciplinary teams in a small to medium sized company or parastatal;
Exercise measured and appropriate judgment, flexibility and willingness to work simultaneously on a wide range of tasks and projects;
Exercise creative leadership in projects and programs of substance and be experienced in creating new and innovative practices for improving team performance;
Possess high-level experience in the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of successful strategy;
Ideally, have some experience in working at national level within a global, matrixed structure;
Be knowledgeable and experienced in the legal and regulatory dimensions of non-profit organizational management in South Africa and comfortable implementing complex, rule-based systems;
Have proven success in developing cohesive teams and growing the professional capacities of team members;
Demonstrate humility, willingness to listen and learn in the company of colleagues as well as internal and external stakeholders;
Have excellent written and verbal English language communication skills;
Be willing to undertake frequent travel.

Competitive rates of pay apply.
We are strengthened by the diversity of our colleagues across the Open Society Foundations. We welcome applications from people of all cultures, backgrounds, and experiences, and are committed to providing reasonable adjustments so that colleagues with disabilities are able to fulfill the essential functions of the job.

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