Executive Director, Community Action Agency – Community Action – Hillsboro, OR

Serving Washington County,
Guided by our vision that Washington County’s residents are strong, resilient, involved in the community and live with dignity and security, Community Action’s mission is to eliminate conditions of poverty and create opportunities for people and communities to thrive. Founded in 1965, Community Action is the most comprehensive private, nonprofit human service organization in Washington County with a mission to address poverty. The organization is a member of the Community Action Partnership, the largest poverty fighting network in the nation, but maintains independent, local governance. The Board of Directors includes representatives from the low-income community, public elected officials, and private sector. Community Action annually stewards approximately $25 30 million in revenue from both public and private sources, matching available funds and using creative partnerships to maximize resources. The organization employs approximately 350 staff out of multiple locations and responds annually to over 26,000 requests for assistance. Community
Action programs include:
Child Care Resource and Referral enhances the quality of local child care resources by recruiting, training and providing ongoing retention support to a diverse Early Learning and Child Care workforce.
Early Connections assists families with access to prenatal care, Oregon Health Plan assistance, and connects families to in-home early parenting education and resources.
Energy Conservation helps families reduce energy bills by assessing home energy use, recommending cost saving measures and connecting with resources to improve energy efficiency.
Energy and Emergency Rent Assistance prevents homelessness and assures families can remain in their homes by providing financial assistance for those facing eviction or termination of heat and electricity services.
Family Development provides phone-based assessment and assistance connecting to resources and home visiting case management to help families meet their goals, increase housing and income stability, and improve family functioning and parenting skills.
Head Start and Early Head Start programs offer high quality early childhood education to children ages birth to age five in Washington County. The programs provide comprehensive services to enrolled children and their families.
Housing and Homeless Services addresses housing crisis situations by providing emergency shelter, tenant education and short-term rent assistance for homeless families to obtain and maintain housing.
The Position and Ideal Candidate
The ideal candidate for our Executive Director will be a competent, trustworthy, empowering leader with exceptional communication and problem-solving skills. This person will possess knowledge and expertise regarding social service program models and regulations, effective marketing, public relations, and fund development strategies, and nonprofit business practices (including accounting, budgeting, personnel and grants management). He/she will have a proven track record of building effective teams, strong collaborations and successfully engaging key stakeholders. This candidate values diversity, equity, and inclusion and has a passion for addressing the needs of children, families, and individuals living in poverty. He/she will be skilled at strategic and systems thinking/planning and continually strive to achieve greater outcomes. This candidate will demonstrate high professional standards of ethics and integrity as well as a participatory management style which emphasizes accountability and effectiveness.

The essential competencies, functions, and responsibilities of this position include (but are not limited to):
Political Savvy – Can maneuver through complex political situations effectively and quietly, maintaining sensitivity to how different people and organizations work and demonstrating a flexible approach accordingly. Understands the value that diversity, equity, and inclusion brings to the organization.
Strategic Agility – Demonstrates a future-oriented way of thinking which is based on a broad knowledge and perspective. Can anticipate future trends and consequences of decisions accurately and can create competitive and break-through strategies and plans.
Integrity & Trust – Conducts self in such a way as to inspire trust and be perceived as a direct and truthful individual. Can present the unvarnished truth in an appropriate and helpful manner and is able to admit mistakes, keep confidences, and otherwise maintain a high standard of professional ethics.
Managing Vision & Purpose – Communicates a compelling and inspired vision or core sense of purpose and can inspire and motivate entire units or organizations to work toward that vision. Maintains an optimistic approach to problem-solving which focuses on solutions and possibilities for improvement.
Interpersonal Savvy – Uses a diversity, equity, and inclusion lens to relate well to people from a variety of backgrounds and build constructive and appropriate relationships with those inside and outside the organization. Effectively uses diplomacy and tact and can defuse even high-tension situations comfortably.
Decision Quality – Makes effective decisions based upon a mixture of analysis, wisdom, experience, and judgment and is sought out by others for advice and solutions. Most solutions and suggestions are correct, accurate, and effective when judged over time.

Minimum Qualifications
Master’s Degree with relevant emphasis plus two (2) years upper management experience in the private, nonprofit, or public sector OR a Bachelor’s Degree with relevant emphasis plus five (5) years upper management experience in the private, nonprofit, or public sector OR five (5) years of Executive Director experience in a comparable nonprofit organization (an equivalent combination of education and experience may be considered). Demonstrated effective leadership abilities and high standards of ethics and integrity are necessary in addition to proven successful experience in accounting to a Board of Directors (or other council of policymakers) and the overall planning and management of multiple programs, complex budgets, and senior staff. The successful candidate must have a strong ability to communicate ideas clearly and persuasively both verbally and in writing, including public speaking, to a variety of individuals from diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds in order to facilitate collaboration.

How to Apply
Community Action is an Equal Opportunity Employer and all qualified applicants are encouraged to apply by the closing date below. The online application process can be completed on our Careers page at the following address: https://caowash.applicantpro.com/jobs/1099710.html

In order to be considered for this position, your application package must include:
A completed Community Action Application for Employment;
A detailed resume and cover letter which specifically address your qualifications and experience as they pertain to both the essential competencies and minimum qualification requirements for this position;

A minimum of three professional references;
Written responses to the following questions:
How do you feel your background, experience, and education have helped to shape you into the right leader for the role of Executive Director?
What challenges do you foresee in taking on this role, and how will you mitigate those challenges?
What are the top three priorities you would want to address in your first year as Executive Director?
Application Deadline: 5:00 pm PST on Friday, June 28, 2019

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