Chief Financial Officer – MSalkin Associates – Waltham, MA


As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with over 40 employees based in Waltham, MA, the Greater Waltham Arc (GWArc) is uniquely sensitive to the level of personal support required for individuals to thrive. GWArc has proven experience with the inclusion of all people into the community. The mission of GWArc is to serve children, adolescents and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families in the community, utilizing a person-centered planning approach. We provide quality, flexible programs, services and supports which maximize independence, foster inclusion, promote self-advocacy and build community connections. GWArc programs are based upon self-determination, sound teaching practices and the latest technology. GWArc is committed to advocacy and legislation to influence attitudes and perceptions so individuals may choose and achieve life goals.


The CFO reports to and supports the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in overseeing the operations of GWArc. The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) supervises the Senior Accounting Administrator, Administrative Assistant, consultants, as well as the maintenance staff and related contractors. The CFO’s responsibilities include establishing operational policies, strategic plans and financial programs to ensure compliance with all monitoring sources and to ensure the continued development and financial stability of the agency; manage and coordinate the day-to-day affairs of GWArc; and management of all business and finance issues related to program personnel, policy and procedures. The CFO collaborates with the Chief Operating Officer, Director of Admin/Personnel and CEO as an active part of the senior leadership team. The CFO will also serve as the GWArc Network Administrator overseeing policy and procedures including training for GWArc’s computer network, as the GWArc Facility Manager, and attend GWArc board meetings as a nonvoting member of the GWArc Board of Directors. The CFO must be self-paced and able to meet the demands of the position in a workplace environment which is often fast-paced and occasionally emotionally demanding. The successful CFO will be able to work a 40-hour week with additional flexible hours as needed. GWArc staff strives to enhance participants’ independence, dignity, safety, personal and self-care activities.


Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree; CPA and/or MBA preferred
Five years business management experience or Master’s Degree or CPA and three years of related management experience.
Good communication and presentation skills.
Successful track record and expertise in managing staff and creating team culture
Demonstrated ability to work with diverse populations.
Excellent accounting and business management skills.
Ability to analyze, define and make clear recommendations relative to complex fiscal and administrative problems and issues.
Ability to assist Chief Executive Officer with futuristic planning for GWArc.
Excellent time management, database management, and computer systems skills.


Financial and Accounting Leadership

Develop, advise and implement proper financial operating procedures including maintaining internal control and safeguards for receipt of revenues, costs, program budgets and actual expenditures. Identify areas for financial improvement and suggest recommendations. Provide management information on GWArc finances by coordination and preparation of an annual budget, capital budget and monthly/quarterly reports.
Coordinate and oversee the daily operations of the Finance Department, including, but not limited to, all accounts, ledgers and reporting systems ensuring compliance with appropriate GAAP standards and regulatory requirements.
Consistently analyze financial data and present financial reports in an accurate and timely manner; clearly communicate monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements; monitor progress and changes and keep senior leadership abreast of GWArc’s financial status.
Manage organizational cash flow forecasting by working in partnership with the program managers; continuously collaborate with program managers to assess the financial efficacy of program operations and establish finance and administrative systems to support program operations.
Oversee all financial, project/program and grants accounting; ensure that expenditures are consistently aligned with grant and program budgets throughout the grant/fund period; collate financial reporting materials for government, corporate, and foundation grants.
Oversee GWArc’s Annual Audit and UFR preparation and submittal.
Prepare GWArc’s contract proposals, cost reports and proposals to various funding sources.
Manage and track the performance of invested assets in keeping with policies and investment guidelines.
Support the CEO in engaging the board of directors and its administrative committee around issues and trends in financial operating models and delivery.
Leverage strengths of the current finance team members, help to clarify roles and responsibilities and develop and implement training programs in order to maximize and reach optimal individual and organizational goals;
Provide leadership in strengthening internal communications with staff at all levels throughout the organization; create and promote a positive and supportive work environment.


Implement/administer policies established by the Board of Directors.
Develop, advise and implement proper general operating procedures.
Oversee and coordinate reports and proposals to government agencies including contract proposals, data management and contract management for technical compliance.
Assist with coordinating subcommittees, agendas and information distribution.
Develop and manage annual planning calendar and assist in strategic planning.
Coordinate all outside monitoring and regulatory sources including CARF, DMR, DOL, MRC, DPW etc. with Chief Executive Officer.


Provide an annual review of GWArc bylaws, procedures and policies.
Assist in the coordination of business negotiations.
Advise and develop business strategy and new business development.
Implement and oversee strategic plan and fund development plan.

Facilities and Risk Management

Oversee Facility, Health & Safety Committee, oversee and implement proper procedures for health and safety compliance and maintenance schedules for cleaning, repairs, etc.
Maintain records of insurance and inspection.
Develop facility maintenance resources and integrate with contracted services.
Oversee and coordinate facility improvements and renewal of GWArc’s insurance portfolio.
Advise on corporate legal liabilities and safety regulations.


Coordinate activities with Director of Administrative/Personnel Services
Advise Personnel Committee on personnel policies, competitive salary ranges and benefits.
Implement personnel policies and administer personnel grievance procedures
Oversee personnel orientation, staff development, and related administrative staff discipline of administrative staff
Oversee personnel records system and maintain communication to and accessibility of staff and others as delegated.

Public Relations and Marketing:

Promote the organization with all market segments as appropriate.
Integrate with organizations and groups for development.
Maintain proper relationships with funding sources, vendors, and business customers.
Coordinate and advise on GWArc business negotiations.
Assist CEO with public relations planning and community activities.
Other duties as assigned by CEO.

How to apply

All applicants should review the GWArc website,, to familiarize themselves with the programs of the Greater Waltham Arc before applying. Applicants should submit a resume and cover letter directly to describing their qualifications, interests, AND how they learned of this opportunity. PLEASE do put “GWArc CFO” in the subject line of the email message. No phone calls please.

GWArc is an equal opportunity employer and seeks qualified applicants without regard to race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, marital status, or sexual orientation.