Safety Officer – The Open Door Shelter Inc – Norwalk, CT

Open Door Shelter is a homeless shelter providing shelter, food, clothing, case management job training and housing support for individuals in crisis and those living in poverty in the community.


Responsible for securing the lobby and front of the building and providing support on safety issues as requested through out the shelter.
Works with the Shift Supervisor and Director of Program Operations to safeguard and protect staff, volunteers, and clients.
Oversees the search process. Ensures that staff properly conducts searches, including that clients are searched prior to being transported to the overflow location.
Makes daily reports on shift, detailing incidents and leaving the reports in the Director of Program Operation’s mailbox.
Wears and uses assigned walkie talkies, and makes certain that staff also uses the walkie talkies.
Manages individuals who are difficult or confused. Must have ability and patience to calm individuals who are stressed, have mental health or addiction issues.
Monitors/observes and addresses all situations related to safety and security.
Greets volunteers and accepts donations with professionalism.
Maintains familiarity with various emergency situations and the appropriate responses to emergency resources
Maintains the security of the Shelter building during duty hours, ensuring that exterior doors and windows are locked, that office and storage areas not in use are secure, and that no unauthorized persons are in the building.
Keeps accurate and complete records of duty hours and submits on time.
Participates in training and staff meetings.
Performs other tasks related to safety and security.

How to apply

Email resumes for consideration to Frank Concepcion at

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