Executive Director – The Nutrition Coalition

Job Description Summary
The Executive Director (ED) is a full-time position to lead the activities of The Nutrition Coalition national non-partisan, non-profit educational organization which aims to ensure that national nutrition policy is based on a comprehensive review of the most rigorous science. While TNC was launched in October, 2015 and has a basic infrastructure in place, it has not yet become fully operational. Seed money is now available to launch TNC. The principal job of the ED would be twofold: (1) to educate and inform policy influencers mainly in Washington, D.C. on the scientific and policy issues by engaging relevant actors in the policy and scientific realms (2) to inform and engage the public. Responsibilities include fundraising as well as the financial, programmatic, and administrative management of the organization.

Passionate commitment to changing nutrition policy so that it can be evidence based and therefore better address nutrition-related diseases.
Experience overseeing not-for-profit management
Experience in supporting policy change
Experience in coalition development/management
Excellent communicator, collaborator, problem solver, and critical thinker

Has a degree in nutrition or medical field
Is an innovative, inspirational leader with the experience and ability to lead
Has the ability to problem-solve creatively and effectively
Is an effective organizer and motivator
Works well with diverse organizations and personalities to promote a common vision while recognizing and acknowledging essential differences
Responds appropriately to politically sensitive challenges
Collaborates effectively with team members and board members located nationwide
Maintains confidentiality and exhibits sound judgment
Has experience overseeing website development
Has experience in public policy development and advocacy at the state or federal levels, preferably in food/nutrition

Serves as the public spokesperson for TNC, in close collaboration with the Board and Scientific Council
Provides leadership in developing programmatic, organizational, and financial plans with the Executive Board, Scientific Council, and staff
Cultivates multiple sources of funding.
Responsible for recruiting and managing a staff.
Builds a nation-wide advocacy coalition to support policy change
Promotes the organization’s aim to key external parties of interest, the media, Congress, and governmental agencies.
Influences the development and implementation of federal policy
Stays abreast of trends, practices, laws, scientific studies, and other related aspects of nutrition policy.
Stays in touch with TNC allies around the country and the world.
Leads the organization in accordance with TNC bylaws and policies to ensure that the Board of Directors carries out its legal responsibilities.
Administers overall operations of the organization, including: reviewing and evaluating the results of program activities/deliverables, ensuring contractual obligations are fulfilled, and allocating resources for greater program effectiveness and efficiency.
Responsibly manages the financial operations of the organization, including the development and implementation of the budget.
Supports of all activities associated with the Scientific Council, including staffing for all meetings, logistics and development of agenda and meeting materials.


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