Associate Chef / Kitchen Coordinator – Ceres Community Project – Sebastopol, CA


Reporting to the Marin Program Manager, the Associate Chef & Kitchen Coordinator is responsible for dual roles of running a production kitchen and mentoring the teen volunteer chefs in a rich and valuable way. She/he manages all aspects of the kitchen operations and is responsible for Ceres’ Best Practices in a way the support the dual goals of beautiful, delicious and nourishing meals for our clients and the empowerment of youth. Job will start at 25 hours per week.

The Associate Chef is also one of the primary staff to support the full engagement of our teen chefs and to maximize their opportunities for learning and personal development by creating a consistent environment and practices in the Ceres kitchen.

She/he is responsible for ensuring that Ceres Community Project Operating Guidelines are integrated consistently into the daily life of the kitchen.

Associate Chef Responsibilities

Ensure the smooth running and professionalism of the Ceres kitchen, including following Ceres’ Best practices to enable all volunteers and staff to be empowered to perform their job with ease, consistency and quality.

    Lead all shifts in the kitchen to:
Provide consistency across all shifts in food safety and sanitation practices, and in cooking practices and food quality
Ensure that all teens and kitchen mentors are well set-up with the information and protocols needed to ensure a rich, smooth, consistent experience for all in the kitchen
Ensure that all meals leaving the kitchen are beautiful, delicious and nutritious
Ensure that all recipes are accurate and cooking plan reflects all the tasks needed for the week.
Develop relationships with each teen chef and provide appropriate support, training, mentoring and acknowledgement
Assist in developing the youth Education Program integrating client visits, education and team building.
Adjust the weekly menus ensuring effective use of donated food and a variety of food and flavors for our clients.
Work as the lead chef in partnership with and supporting the volunteer kitchen mentor team, including training and regular communication with them, and scheduling and running bi-monthly meetings.
Schedule the volunteer kitchen mentors to ensure kitchen is properly staffed.
Coordinate regular cleaning and deep cleaning of the kitchen.
Maintain all Ceres kitchen equipment and work with Director of Administration and Executive Chef to ensure compliance with all health and safety procedures.

Youth Program Responsibilities

Monitor the experience of youth volunteers in the kitchen and ensure that kitchen procedures, systems and practices support the richest and most empowering experience possible for youth volunteers.
Identify, develop and work with Teen Leaders, including scheduling and running regular meetings
Work with Youth Program Coordinator to ensure that the goals of the Youth Development Program are identified and well-met
Ensure that youth volunteers’ needs and perspectives are considered in all aspects of Ceres’ work.

Kitchen Coordinator Responsibilities

Source the highest quality food possible with a commitment to local, organic and sustainably produced and packaged.
Ensure that kitchen is stocked with all food and supplies needed for the week.
Manage produce so that it is used in a timely fashion, is stored appropriately and the kitchen staff has what they need on any given day.
Create weekly client letters and labels.
Using database, track weekly client meals and Supplemental Products orders.
Monitor and maintain inventory of all bulk goods, produce and supplies at the kitchen. Responsible for rotation and freshness. Procures all items as needed.
Coordinate and procure produce from local farms.
Ensure that all nuts, seeds, grains, and beans are soaked, sprouted or dehydrated as appropriate.
Manage container inventory
Manage relationships with food donors and ensure that food donors are thanked and acknowledged appropriately.


Specific skills or training desired:
A commitment to Ceres Community Project Mission and Operating Principles
At least 3 years of professional cooking experience, preferably in the whole foods arena
Strong capacity for mentoring and teaching
Experience in youth development and working with teens
Excellent attention to detail and excellent organizational skills
Excellent communication skills both verbally and in writing
Ability to stay calm and keep your sense of humor in a fast-paced environment
Excellent communication skills both verbally and in writing
Ability and desire to be in a work environment that values working as a team, relationships and giving and receiving honest feedback
Ability to communicate warmly and clearly
Has a good awareness of self

    Physical requirements:
Ability to stand, bend, stoop, sit, walk, twist and turn
Ability to use a computer keyboard and calculator

Ability to lift 25 lbs.

Work environment is primarily indoors with the majority of time spent in a busy production kitchen or sitting at a desk.
Familiarity with MS Office Suite and use of a database system
B.A or Culinary Degree preferred
First Aid and CPR certification


Participates in staff meetings, volunteer orientations, Teen Leader meetings, and Kitchen Mentor meetings.

How to apply

Please email cover letter, resume and references to:

Jake Blehm

Director of H/R & Administration

Ceres Community Project, Sebastopol, CA

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