Vice Principal for Academic Affairs – Palestine – Pioneers Baccalaureate School

The Upper School Academic Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of academic programs from Grades 7-12 in all subject areas taught in English (English Language/Literature, Math, Science, History/Geography, Art). This includes creating and developing curriculum and materials, training and supervising teachers (approximately 15 teachers), and monitoring student progress (approximately 170 students). The Upper School Academic Coordinator will also supervise and work closely with the College Counselor/SAT Program Coordinator.

Desired Experience:
– Experience working with middle- and high-school students and/or in school administration. Advanced degree (MA, MEd) in education, curriculum development, school administration, or related field is desired, but not required.

Salary commensurate with experience.

Reports to: School Principal

– Oversee the general operations of the English, History, Math, Science, Technology, and Art departments

– Teacher Training, Monitoring, and Professional Development
Train new and returning staff members
Conduct teacher observations and feedback
Review weekly lesson plans and materials, and provide feedback
Evaluate and document staff performance through regular scheduled and unscheduled classroom observations
Conduct end-of-semester official performance review for teachers
Conduct professional development workshops for teachers throughout the year
Ensure that teachers are fulfilling responsibilities of job, displaying a high level of professionalism, and constantly working towards self-improvement and student progress
Ensure that teachers upload grades promptly, fairly, and consistently
– Curriculum Development

Evaluate current curriculum and work towards its development
Ensure that curriculum is in line with school philosophy
Monitor implementation of curriculum
Select textbooks/instructional materials and ensure their proper implementation
Make curriculum public and available for review by senior administration
Organize and archive teacher materials
Ensure that assignments and projects have clear rubrics to ensure fair student evaluation
Work towards determining criteria to assess student character strengths in line with school pillars
– Student Progress and Evaluation

Prepare initial student background reports for teachers and update throughout the year
Prepare diagnostic tests to consistently and accurately assess student progress
Provide intervention programs for remedial-level students
Develop appropriate criteria to guide division of students into Honors and Standard classes
Monitor student grades and ensure fair and accurate distribution
Design entrance exams for all grades and administer entrance exams
Prepare student report cards and Honor Roll
– Hiring

Form part of hiring committee
– Discipline

Develop rapport with students
Form part of discipline committee and play an active role in developing and implementing discipline procedures
– Provide monthly reports to principal on the progress of the above points.

About us:
We are a bilingual Arabic/English school serving Grades K-12. Our high-school students follow the SAT program.

Pioneers Baccalaureate School was founded to provide a level of education unavailable in Nablus. We challenge and inspire our students to achieve their intellectual and personal potential by approaching each as a unique individual. Utilizing the best of modern pedagogy, while staying true to our Palestinian roots, Pioneers prepares students to be competitive on a global scale. Our graduates will be prepared to innovate, think creatively, and contribute to building a better Palestine and a better world.

About our city:
Nablus was one of the Palestinian cities hit hardest by the Second Intifada, but it is currently undergoing an economic rebirth. With around 300,000 people, it is one of the largest cities in the West Bank.

Nablus is still a conservative city with respect to the West Bank as a whole, and in order to maintain the school’s good reputation and standing in the community, foreign teachers are expected to uphold certain standards of behavior and dress during their tenure with the school.

To apply:
To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to

Application deadline January 31, 2017

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