Grant Writing Associate – Elevate – Washington, DC

Elevate, a growing grant writing and nonprofit development strategy firm in Washington, DC, is excited to be hiring a Grant Writing Associate. This is a growth-oriented position, designed to ensure you have meaningful, challenging work and can grow as the firm does. To be considered for this position, you should have at least one full year of experience writing grants and submitting grants for a local nonprofit.

We are specifically looking for people who like to take iniative and want to grow quickly within our firm.

This is an excellent opportunity for the right person:

You’ll continue to develop the incredibly valuable skill of being a grant writer for nonprofits
You’ll work closely with leadership at many different nonprofits in Washington, DC
You’ll learn the ins-and-outs of nonprofit program design and evaluation
You’ll become an expert on nonprofit fundraising and finances
You’ll be mentored and encouraged to advance professionally


This position will include a mix of drafting grants and reports, copy-editing final proposals, creating attachments, conducting on-site meetings and site visits with clients, and routine administrative work. You will also participate in regular networking activities and capacity-building trainings.

While this position is designed for someone who has at least one full year of experience grant writing, we’re looking for people who think of themselves as fundraisers and writers — and who want to be consultants.

Ideal Candidates Will:

Identify as a fundraiser and enjoy winning money for nonprofits!
Take iniative and know how to ‘manage up’
Be excellent (concise and precise) writers, super smart, tech-savvy, organized, and incredibly detail-oriented
Enjoy working in flexible working conditions
Get excited by new opportunities and be willing to take initiative to ensure a project succeeds
Value good communication skills – both willing to ask and respond to feedback, and able to provide meaningful feedback to others
Want to help grow a young organization

How to apply

Please send (in seperate PDF files) a resume and 1-2 page cover letter detailing the following:

Your grant writing experience.
Why you are interested in this position.
Your past experience in the nonprofit sector.
Your professional strengths and skills, including an example where you successfully took initiatve.
Your salary requirements. (Please include these!)
Your earliest available start date.

Schedule, salary and benefits to be determined, based on experience. Please submit all application materials to: with the Subject Line “Grant Writing Associate.”

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