Video Oral History Researcher / Processor – The HistoryMakers – Chicago, IL

The HistoryMakers seeks to hire a full-time Video Oral History Researcher/Processor as part of a three-year grant funded project (2017) in order to make The HistoryMakers’ unique digital video oral history archive accessible to users worldwide. Those hired must have a background in African American, American, women’s, political, and social history; and be able to commit to a three year term working as part of a processing team that will process a total of 1700 interviews that average 3-5 hours in length. The person hired must have excellent writing skills. They must also have prior experience as a proofreader/editor and be an expert researcher and writer who can accurately describe in a concise and accurate manner the contents of each videotaped segment. The interviews cover 20th century history interviews across a wide variety of occupations, geographic areas and fields (i.e. STEM, law, art, education, music, etc.). The researcher/processor will be responsible for:

Watching the assigned interviews in The HistoryMakers Video Oral History Collection ( and proofreading each interview under a 3-4 interview per week quota system;
Audit/editing the assigned interviews and dividing the interviews with chapter headings to provide for easy access;
Writing abstracts for each 30 minute videotaped section of the assigned interview;
Evaluating each assigned interview in accordance with The HistoryMakers guidelines and procedures(;
Choosing video clips and assigning clip titles that reflect the clip’s contents for use in future productions and for use on The HistoryMakers website;
Writing social media posts and blogs that reflect the content of the interviews;
Performing quality control testing on the assigned interviews and uploading them to The HistoryMakers Digital Archive; and
Working as a part of a team in order to process and add 80 interviews per month to The HistoryMakers Digital Archive.

Candidates must have strong administrative skills (type 60 wpm), be naturally detailed, and possess superior proofreading and organizational skills. They must also be strong researchers, writers and adept at proofreading. Prior experience with detailed paper file and desktop management is critical as well as proven experience in a non-profit setting. Candidates must also demonstrate their interest in furthering The HistoryMakers mission and growth

The HistoryMakers is a growing and dynamic 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to creating an unprecedented national video oral history archival institution recording the stories of both well-known and unsung African American HistoryMakers. The goal is to record at least 5,000 oral history interviews and to expose this material to the public through strategic media, technology, academic and community partnerships. In June 2014, the Library of Congress announced that it will serve as the permanent repository of The HistoryMakers collection.

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How to apply

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