Managing Editor, The Fuse – Securing America’s Future Energy – Washington, DC

The Fuse is a dynamic news and information site launched by SAFE covering the topics of oil, transportation, geopolitics, and policy.


I. The managing editor will be fully responsible for the strategic planning and everyday execution of The Fuse, a dynamic news and analytical website on energy security issues. The managing editor must possess excellent writing and editing skills as well as energy market and policy expertise. Incumbent must have highly developed project management skills and be able to effectively manage a team.

The managing editor will regularly contribute to content of The Fuse by investigating, producing, and editing a wide range of content on the topics of oil production, consumption, geopolitics, the economy, and technology. Content will include news articles, interviews with recognized experts, infographics, videos, and more. The managing editor will also assign and oversee the work of The Fuse’s senior reporter and freelance writers, ensuring quality, polished work that supports the site’s news objectives. Incumbent should be both tech and media savvy, being able to operate the website and also know what types of content best appeal to certain audiences. Incumbent must also be able to professionally manage relationships with nationally-recognized issue experts.


1. ENERGY EXPERTISE: Understands and reports on energy-related stories that could impact U.S. oil dependence and energy security. Finds ways to highlight potential impact in ongoing news stories. Uses new content streams, such as videos, photos, and infographics, to effectively convey stories and reach a wide range of audiences.

2. HIGHLY DEVELOPED PROJECT AND TEAM MANAGEMENT: Sets the short and long-term objectives of The Fuse’s reporting. Develops daily and weekly production schedules managing an editorial calendar and overseeing the content and quality of the entire team.

3. EXCELLENT PRODUCTION CAPACITY: Quickly writes and edits work with a high attention to detail. Produces quality and polished content ready for publication. Ensures consistency in writing style among the various contributors.

4. PROFESSIONAL ENGAGEMENT WITH ISSUE EXPERTS: Effectively interviews and engages with energy and geopolitical experts who are knowledgeable in a variety of fields. Trusted to handle notable leaders and executives with the utmost professionalism. Builds and manages his/her own list of sources.

5. WEB AND TECHNOLOGICALLY SAVVY: Possesses the technological skills necessary to manage an online news site. Able to produce and publish various forms of content including but not limited to articles, videos, graphics, and audio files. Has a general eye for design and audience appeal.

6. MEDIA SAVVY: Understands the news and media world and is able to apply this understanding to grow The Fuse’s audience through a coordinated media strategy.


Knowledge and Experience:

Minimum 7 years in energy news and/or project writing.

Minimum of 5 years project management experience.
Strong understanding of energy, oil markets and geopolitics.
Strong understanding of federal- and state-level energy policy issues.
Experience managing a team of writers and contributors.
Experience managing the technological requirements of a website.
Experience creating and publishing a variety of content including graphics, videos, audio files, et al.
Strong understanding of digital news reporting and the style of writing necessary to attract audiences.

Skills and Abilities:

Excellent writing skills;

Excellent editing skills;
Excellent oral communication skills;
Excellent project management skills;
Excellent team management skills;
Ability to professionally communicate and build relationships with notable issue experts and leaders;
Ability to adhere to deadlines;
Ability to manage a website;
Innate interest in issues of energy security, including oil markets, foreign affairs, policy and the economy.


B.A. or B.S. degree required

How to apply

Those interested should send a resume and cover letter to with “Managing Editor, The Fuse” in the subject line. Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis, so early submission is recommended. SAFE will contact only those applicants it wishes to interview.

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