Global Media / Communications Director – United Sikhs – New York, NY

Job Title: Global Media and Communications Director

Position: Full time : 40+ hours a week. Salary: Negotiable

Location: NYC Language Fluency: English Skills: Excellent communication skills (written and oral), HTML fluency a must, Microsoft Office, Newsletter creation software Education: A master’s degree in journalism or must have 10+ years equivalent experience with a Not for Profit organization providing services to communities.

Contact: Send a copy of 2 writing samples on different subjects with a copy of your resume to showing your work and accomplishments.

Salary & Benefits: Salary for this position is commensurate with the relevant professional experience and/or advanced degrees that a candidate has. UNITED SIKHS offers a competitive benefits package. Eligible staff receive paid holidays, sick days, and vacation days. We also offer an excellent training program and opportunities for advancement.

Candidates must have a minimum of 8+ years of professional experience in communications, media outreach, and/or public relation

Job Description:


The Director will manage our media strategy and:

• Conduct media campaigns to highlight recent campaign victories in our brand and amongst our network partners.

• Drive The Public Interest Network’s message development, pitch and announcement strategies.

• Develop branding initiatives, internal communications and external media relations. Ensure that there is consistent messaging across all platforms in the Network.

• Manage national and local media relations and maximize media opportunities for our brand.

• Oversee focus groups and other targeting experiments.

• Develop publications such as media releases, intranet announcements, video, special projects and assignments.

• Think creatively and proactively to create content based on philanthropic activity and alumni engagement at the Foundation. Works with media outlets—local, statewide, and national—to place stories and promote the work and mission of UNITED SIKHS.

• Develops and maintains relationship with members of the media to identify earned media opportunities and ensure that the Foundation’s message is being delivered to—and received by— multiple constituencies.

• Helps to create strategic communication plans for UNITED SIKHS and any campaign-related materials, including identification of audiences, messages, strategies, vehicles, etc. In this capacity, works collaboratively with the Media Engagement team to develop strategies for customizing message content across appropriate audience segments through electronic means, including social media channels.

• Ensures consistency in the development, delivery, style, image, and identity of the UNITED SIKHS as communicated by various departments. Regularly reviews and contributes to written communications from UNITED SIKHS offices on a timely basis for message clarity, consistency, and overall quality.

• Manage the Communications team, including writers and graphic designer, to ensure coordination of activity and most efficient/effective use of resources.

• Performs other duties as assigned.

• Hire and train staff.

• Experience as a journalist is a must or have led teams of journalists. Related advanced degrees may count towards experience.

This position is also responsible for sourcing new business and guidance to member teams/organizations deciphering ways to increase current communities’ scope of work by leveraging UNITED SIKHS services to provide greater value to the community.

How to apply

Contact: Send a copy of 2 writing samples on different subjects with a copy of your resume to

P: 646-688-3525

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