Director of Computer Science – Digital Pioneers Academy

The Director of Computer Science will be responsible for supporting the Principal in the overall development and design of the Digital Pioneers Academy computer science program. We are looking for an exceptional educator to create and implement a cutting-edge computer science and computational thinking curriculum. This will be the school’s featured program, and it will be designed so that students study computer science and develop coding skills on a daily basis. The Director of Computer Science will not only have professional experience in computer science, but also will have taught science, math or computer science at the secondary school level. The ideal candidate will have experience teaching advanced placement courses in computer science.

The Director of Computer Science will:
•Oversee, develop and implement the computer science curriculum.
•Collaborate with teachers to integrate computer science and coding into traditional content areas throughout the school curriculum.
•Provide professional development, coaching and training for teachers in computer science principles
•Implement an after-school program during the planning year.
•Conduct ongoing assessment of student growthand progress in computer science activities, and modify instructional methods to fit individual student needs, including those with special needs
•Curate projects, internships, apprenticeships, and credentialing
•Liaise with the industry board
•Coordinate with the after-school computer science program
•Manage external partners that provide computer science training and materials
•Coordinate with other charter and traditional schools that want to participate in extra-curricular computer science activities.
•Teach computational thinking and programming to DPA community, from foundations of technology to software development.
•Stay up to date on the latest developments in computer science, and consistently incorporate these learnings into the school curriculum

Candidate Requirements:
•Experience teaching math, science or computer science at the secondary level
•Experience coaching teachers, providing professional development, and curriculum development
•Solid understanding of computer science and computational thinking
•Deep knowledge of the computer science field
•Programming background preferred, but not required
•Professional connection to the tech industry
•Comfort with technology; moderate to advanced skills in navigating computer hardware and software
•Analytical and problem solving ability
•Ability to create an engaging curriculum
•Ability to plan for differentiated instruction and write specific learning goals•Ability to work with students at all learning levels


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